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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Savings! Savings!! Savings!!! That's all we hear from Peter Obi

Savings ! savings !! savings !!! Thats all I hear. Saving in a state that lacks every imaginable basic amenities.

Yes , it is absolutely stupid to save money when basic infrastructures are lacking. It is the same naive thinking that made Peter Obi made ndi Anambra to believe that borrowing is a sin, and alas, most people bought into it. 

Biko tell me how much Lagos which is the 5th largest economy in Africa saved within the same period? 

They have largest debt profile in Nigeria. Ironically people  who should know actually key into this drag our state back. 

Obiano shied away from borrowing massively because of this same nonsense, they will say that Peter saved and hes borrowing. Yet we all are the loosers because instead of borrowing heavily to improve the infrastructural base of the state, which in turn will help the improve the economy and make it viable, we're busy waiting tiny IGR and paltry FAAC allocations to develop the state. 

Onowu has said it all. The other write up did justice to it. Biko there are no sentiments here. It was so wrong to save money the time he did. It might look like it was the right thing to do, but was it the best thing for the state at that particular moment? 

The answer is a capital NO. Besides the money in question is not Peters money, it belongs to ndi Anambra. People voted Obiano to pilot the affairs of this state  and that includes overseeing the saved money. 

He has every right to make use of the said money for the benefit of the state. I have not said that Peter Obi didn't do his best for the state. That will not be right because he did, but this penchant of certain people believing that it's either Peters  way or no other way begs the issue. He made some big mistakes while administering Anambra part of which is the savings issue at a time the state lacked basic amenities. 

The so called savings by Peter Obi was not a smart move. Modern economics abhor that. We are better educated here  to be debating this on this forum.

*Chief Oguguo Osakwe

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