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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Energy and New Green Technology Confab'17 berths @PH

The Garden City of Port Harcourt is set to host The Energy and New Green Technology Conference with the theme: ‘The Future of Hydrocarbon  Industry in the New Age of Green Technology’ between 28th – 30th November, 2017 at the Hotel Presidential, reports ITRealms.

The event will provide a platform for articulating a proactive response to the seemingly irreversible disruption to the hydrocarbon industry, according to Alfe City Company Ltd, the organisers.  

Among key speakers expected at the event that will attract major stakeholders in the economy are Prof. W.J. Okowa, Dr. Eddie Wikina, Prof. P. A.  Olomola, Prof. R A.  Olowe, Engr. Don Boham and Dr. Adebayo Adedokun.

The conference with provision for exhibition of new green technology products and services and Regulators Clinic is targeted at participants from Oil & Gas Companies; Petrochemical Companies; Services Companies; Financial Institutions; Regulators; Federal Government; State Government; Oil Producing Areas Development Authorities; and Insurance Companies.

Among the sub-themes of the conference which industry experts will do justice to include, A perspective on the evolution of the hydrocarbon Industry and its role in the industrialised global economy; The recent emergence e of the new green technology and its potential impact on the future of the energy trade; The direct cost of the new green technology industry on economies like Nigeria that are almost wholly reliant on the hydrocarbon Industry; Managing the immediate to short term effects of the new green Technology on the economies of countries like Nigeria whose economic prospects are tied to the fate of the hydrocarbon Industry; The roles of government and regulators in managing the transition from a hydrocarbon based economy to a new green technology environment; Deciding on a new template and business module in a green technology economy.

According to Mr Soji Adeleye , Chief Executive Officer, Alfe City Company, “one of the most important decisions being discussed right now at both the policy level and corporate headquarters across the Globe is what to make of the inevitability of the new green technology and potential demise of the energy trade as we know it.

“In the case of economies like Nigeria that hitherto had relied almost exclusively on hydrocarbon industry for their economic survival, the issue is existential.

“This conference will bring this existential discussion into focus for three days. Distinguished experts in the sector and renowned economists are scheduled to bring their considerable wealth of Industry experience to bear on the subject with a view to channelling a way forward.”

He listed other objectives of the conference to include, exploring the role hydrocarbon energy has played in the global economy industrialization; exploring the politics of oil and the emergence of the new green technology; channelling a part for a possible coexistence of hydrocarbon business and the new green technology; for bringing industry operators, regulators, government, and other industries together for a look at the future of the hydrocarbon Economy. 

“The global collapse of the crude oil market in the recent time demands a rigorous analysis particularly in a place like Nigeria that derives almost all of her foreign exchange earnings exclusively from hydrocarbon, the Alfe City boss said.

“This specialist conference would attempt to put into focus the role hydrocarbon energy has played and continue to play in the world economy. It would also consider the critical circumstances of countries like Nigeria that did not leverage the considerable wealth accumulated from oil to diversify their economy.

“The technical content will be handled by seasoned international experts in the industry who are expected to proffer plausible solutions for industry operators, government and regulators on how best to confront the inevitable transition to the new green technology.”

Uboshe Uboshe/GEE

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