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Monday, September 11, 2017

Holla Cab App for launch, offers freebies on riders, drivers

The Holla Cab Services, an application that would permits Nigerians to book taxi ride with the use of a phone button, has advanced launch plans, reports ITRealms.

The country chief executive officer, Holla Cab Services, Mr. Edward Essien, disclosed this to ITRealms, saying the cab service has been specially developed with both the riders and partners in mind and a rider could order cab service online and track his or her request.

“In a few days, Nigerians would begin to enjoy the most affordable, safe and easily available on demand taxi hailing services. This app is a win-win and we understand this market. We are about to change the face of On Demand Taxi Hailing Services in Nigeria and Africa,” Essien said.

According to him, the depth of professional experiences within the Holla Cab Services spans in excess of 85 cognate years in the sales, management, development and support of IT solutions to diverse market segments of the Nigerian economy.

He said that Holla Cab Services has phased rollout plan, starting from Lagos and eventually covering the major cities by first quarter of 2018.

“… Because we are a Nigerian company with world best practices, we will ensure that we put smiles on the faces of both the riders and drivers,” he assured.

As said by the Holla Cab Services boss, the major areas of focus for the company is to empower the company drivers; provide clean and reliable cars; and ensure riders security; and each trip is cost effective.

Nonye Dom/GEE
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