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Friday, August 14, 2015

Anambrarians, inheritors of extra-ordinary legacies – Gov. Obiano

The Anambra State Governor, Chief Willie Obiano, has described Anambrarians as inheritors of extra-ordinary legacies, reports ITRealms.
Gov. Obiano made this declaration at a lecture delivered at the Distinguished Lecture Series of the Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos, yesterday, asserting that Anambrarians are known for trail-blazing and not second fiddle.
“So, right from the outset, we set out to reign in the hearts and minds of Ndi Anambra by evoking the great epics and folklores of our ancestors,” he said.
Obiano also said that his administration is deploying what he defined as ‘The Software of Governance”, which he reminded the citizens of the Anambra State, that they have come a long way as pioneers and cannot settle for anything less.
He recalled that on assumption of office in Anambra State, hence, his administration was quick to realize that it was not enough to win election with the physical structures because there is need to build in the state.
“We recognised the fact that actual victory would be won in the psychology of the people. So, right from the outset, we set out to reign in the hearts and minds of Ndi Anambra by evoking the great epics and folklores of our ancestors,” he said.
As said by Gov. Obiano, his earliest speeches were laced with echoes of “who we are and the great ancestry we have.”
Pointing out that its crucial to remind Anambrarians that they are the inheritors of extra-ordinary legacies and we have an obligation to leave worthier legacies for our children.
In pursuit of this, his administration conceptualised and introduced a new logo for the state that would serve as a subtle reminder of this heritage.
“We also introduced a most inspiring piece of song as the Anambra Anthem,” he said, stressing that it swept through the schools and colleges like a forest fire and offered Anambra children a fresh set of mental pictures of who they are.
“We also sought to win by giving governance a human face; clearing pensions owed senior citizens and responding to the cries of the civil servants with a 15 per cent increase in salaries at a time that oil prices were crashing and states were grappling with the reality of shrinking revenues. These gestures are the software of governance,” he said.
In addition, Gov. Obiano said his administration sees aforementioned as important as building roads and bridges, which are not left out of achievements in the state.
“We made sure that Ndi Anambra could visualise themselves in the New Anambra of our dream and that they liked the picture they saw. That is the software of leadership,” Gov. Obiano said.
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