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Monday, March 16, 2015

Diversion of campaign funds: Online publishers boycott political parties' activities

More trouble may have come the way of political parties as a group of professional journalists who are reputed for online publishing in Nigeria have resolved to boycott the activities of political parties in with immediate effect, due to diversion of campaign funds, reports ITRealms.

The online publishers who met in Lagos State on Saturday reviewed the activities of political parties in relation to advert patronage and rose to a conclusion that campaign organisations of the political parties have deliberately diverted advertising funds meant for online news platforms in the country.
This was a situation they roundly condemned and called on all news publishing online platforms in the country to shun all party related activities until the abnormally is addressed. 

The publishers, ITRealms also reports, expressed disgust at the gimmick of the campaign organisations to use the advertisement streaming platforms of Google and other third party advertisement streaming organisations, which pay little or nothing for it, instead of dealing directly with the Nigerian publishers who are creating jobs for millions of Nigerians in the online industry. 

The publishers, therefore, ordered the immediate stoppage of online political advertisements with foreign inputs with immediate effect.

The publishers gathered that one of the two major political parties in the country had budgeted not less than N150 million for online advertisement campaign.

However, till date, no credible online news website has indicated it had benefitted from the N150 million advertisement campaign fund.

The Deputy Director General of one of the campaign organisations told an online publisher at the Presidential Villa in Abuja that approval had been given and money released for the party's advertisement campaign on credible news websites but expressed surprise that the money had been diverted.

This is apart from the millions of naira budgeted for media relations.

Aside from streaming political advertisements through third parties on the news websites, thus creating the impression that advertisements had been given, what some of those involved in the campaigns themselves had done was to quickly open phoney news websites and diverted the funds for the advertisement campaign into private pockets.

It was in the light of these revelations that the online publishers decided to, with immediate effect, boycott the activities of the political parties, some of which "dump" press statements on the online news websites as early as 6am and send as many as 10 of such releases in a day.

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