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Friday, February 27, 2015

Nigerian Idol Season 5: On air March 1 @13 TV channels

The Nigerian Idol season five would on Sunday, March 1, 2015 go live on some 13 television across terrestrial and satellite TV stations in the country, reports ITRealms.

As anticipated millions of viewers and fans of the family-oriented talent-hunt show will be afforded the opportunity to watch mind-blowing performances from the country’s pool of talented music talents who participated in the auditions, ITRealms reports.

This year, ITRealms gathered that Nigerian Idol season 5 will be aired on NTA, STV, Hip Tv, Superscreen, ONTV, WAP Tv, Smash Tv, AMC Tv, Rave Tv, Cool Tv, Wazobia Tv, Real Star Tv, Odua Tv and V. Channels.

“Looking forward to this year’s show, and feedback from fans,” declare Andre Blaze, who would be hosting NGT for the second year.

Also ITRealms gathered that the first episode airing this Sunday, audience will be thrilled with Ibadan auditions extra, where a 5 year old boy left the judges spell bound by his dance performance, as well as a motorbike rider who has taken his profession to another level.

This episode didn’t end on a good note for Yibo Koko as he lashed out on a comedian who certainly didn’t practice his act before appearing before the judges.

“With all the drama, entertainment and excitement that Ibadan offered, it is credible enough to say that Ibadan does have some outstanding acts to showcase which I am sure viewers will be pleased to see this Sunday, “said Dan Foster.

“All I can say Nigerians should look forward to this Sunday is creativity and originality at their best level,” added Kate Henshaw. 

The premier episode of Nigeria’s Got Talent on Sunday promises to be an hour load of fun, excitement, comedy and never seen before talents. 

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Pix: Some judges and Elivis, Ugochi, Yinka, Dede and Andre Blaze

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