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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Return on Investment: US-DOE gives IDC 3-year grant

The United States Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Science and National Nuclear Security Administration has awarded the International Data Corporation (IDC) a three-year grant to conduct a full study of Returns on Investments (ROI) in high performance computing (HPC), reports ITRealms.

Confirming this to ITRealms, the Marketing Manager at IDC for Middle East and Africa, Anulekha Shetty, said that the full study follows IDC's successful completion of a 2013 pilot study on this topic for DOE.

In the pilot study, Shetty told ITRealms tahat IDC created the first economic models for predicting ROI associated with HPC, both in the form of innovation and financial returns. IDC tested these models on over 200 real-world examples and went through four iterations of the models.

For the full study, the marketing manager noted, IDC will use the economic models to quantify and classify ROI from thousands of examples IDC collects.

Shetty quoted the Earl Joseph, Programme Vice President, High Performance Computing at IDC as saying that the macroeconomic model depicts how HPC investments result in economic advancements.

The innovation index provides, according to Joseph, is a means for measuring and comparing innovation levels among nations based on their levels of applying HPC computing resources toward scientific, technological, and economic advancement.

"Nations and companies around the world increasingly recognize that HPC contributes enormously to science, industrial competitiveness, national security, and the quality of human life," said Joseph, who assured the full study will more deeply quantify these contributions in relation to the investments that made them possible.

The predictive macroeconomic models will take into consideration how research and development investments are currently justified and how results are measured in each of the government, academic, and industry market segments IDC has closely tracked for more than two decades, Joseph said.

Also commenting, Steve Conway, Research Vice President, High Performance Computing at IDC said they are creating tools and data that governments, universities, and companies can use to help make future HPC funding and purchasing decisions.

"Our goal for this grant award is to refine the predictive models to ensure that they correlate well with real-world practices and with a wide range of sample data representing real-world innovations," he declared.

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