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Monday, May 05, 2014

Open House: GNSO secretariat takes on newcomers

The Secretariat of the Generic Name Supporting Organisation (GNSO) at ICANN has scheduled to host its monthly open house session beginning from April 10, 2014 in addition to other eight sessions, reports ITRealms.

These monthly sessions, ITRealms gathered are for new GNSO working group (WG) participants to come together and discuss any questions they may have about GNSO Working Groups, procedures and/or processes.

The secretariat believes there is a lot of information to digest when one joins a GNSO Working Group and these monthly meetings are an opportunity for newcomers and more experienced participants to meet in an informal setting without the pressure of “real work” that needs be done.

According to the GNSO secretariat, the agenda is flexible, adding that Mikey O’Connor will be on hand with a standard set of materials if people would like to discuss them, which could be downloaded here.

They advised those who may like to review these document in advance of the meeting to reach out to the secretariat, insisting that should not feel constrained to the agenda.

“Feel free to submit questions, either in advance or at the beginning of the meeting, if there is a topic that you would like to explore in more depth. Providing useful answers to a wide range of questions is part of the reason why these meetings are being organized,” official said.

However, to allow for maximum participation in these calls, the proposed schedule is as follows: Thursday 10 April at 12.00 UTC; Thursday 1 May at 20.00 UTC; Thursday 5 June at 12.00 UTC; Thursday 3 July at 20.00 UTC; Thursday 7 August at 12.00 UTC ; Thursday 4 September at 20.00 UTC; Thursday 2 October at 12.00 UTC; Thursday 6 November at 20.00 UTC; Thursday 4 December at 12.00 UTC.

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