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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Uptake in aerial optic fibre, stabilizes QoS - Jegede

Stanley Jegede, CEO, Phase3 Telecom
The update in the aerial optic fibre cable for long distance data communications would stablise the Quality of Service (QoS) across the networks in the country, says the chief executive officer, Phase3 Telecom, Mr. Stanley Jegede.

Speaking Thursday, Jegede noted that aerial fibre optic routes offer both cheaper and more reliable services than their terrestrial equivalent.

Reacting on recent experiences facing operators, he said, there is need for them to adopt this aerial services to keep their customers happy.

He also said that with the current challenges facing the deployment and use of underground optic fiber cables especially right-of-way issues, persistent vandalism and ecological problems, aerial optic fiber systems suggest the needed and timely solution at this time.

"We’re all aware about the problems of building and maintaining underground cables in Nigeria. It is one of the most difficult challenges that telecom firms face today in view of issues such as host community hostilities, persistent construction of roads and its attendant impact on underground cables,” he said.

According to him, besides excessive and unlawful regulatory activities by various agencies of government at different levels and environmental and natural disasters such as erosion sometimes leaves underground cables exposed.

The telecom industry, he said, has also witnessed persistent vandalism and theft of underground cables all over the country, adding that, all of which exacerbate the problem of poor quality of services as large numbers of subscribers are cut off when these problems occur.

“These problems also take a lot of time to identify and repair. However, the aforementioned issues and many more can easily be overcome by the use of aerial optic fibre system,” he said.

Jegede pointed out that Phase 3 Telecom currently runs West Africa’s only aerial optic fiber network with the focal point of operations in Nigeria.

As said by him, today’s reality is that in the West Africa region including Nigeria still much of a developing region, road construction and the building of other infrastructure would be very frequent, leading to underground cables often being cut.

This situation, he said, makes the use of aerial optic fiber network imperative, especially as high-tension networks power often have dedicated routes by law.

"In Nigeria today all the operators including those that have their own transmission networks have embraced Phase3's aerial optic services especially after they have seen the advantages that it offers them,” he said.

Phase3 Telecom, he said, believes that even for those that may already have excess capacity, aerial optic fibre provides a very reliable backup and redundancy.

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