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Monday, May 07, 2012

A converse with a Nigerian brother!

Well done bros, CKN and thanks to those who have assisted you thus far and am sure if some of us knew of your game plans, more help should have come your way. All the same, blessings of the Most High to those who help others.

Additionally, one thing struck me very deeply to the fact that we are supposedly ‘young’ Nigerians, yet we don’t believe in this country. 

First, I should have expected that those who advised you should have known that there is also a Nigerian domain name in the cyber space, and that is .com.ng, just like .com.

The truth is that as much as we are building online presence and are going .com, .uk .us etc, instead of .com.ng, for instance, we are contributing to capital flight, no matter how you want to prove the innocence, thereby contributing to other peoples economy while ours is dying by the day and people are getting out of jobs, that is if those upcoming lads have one to even embrace.

Frankly speaking, if you have gone to .ng domain name space, the Visa card tale of yours should not have started in the first place because you should have paid in Naira and Kobo without stress, still whoever wants to build your site or even host it can still host it anywhere in the world including Nigeria.

I am not trying to judge those of us who fasten to .com and likes, but at times its good to share a little information ‘because the people you think they know, many not know, hence what you think you think may not be what you think you think.’

.ng domain name space may not be of the best in the world but every domain name space, especially country code Top Level Domains, have their individual challenges, which must be addressed and can only get to be addressed when the people who owns them take ownership interest.

How would you like it to sound, CKNNigeria.ng; perfectly a Nigerian brand for the world to see, especially to see that all Nigerians are not ‘yahooing’ on the net. 

The fact here is that it’s not too late, you can still keep your .com for the three years as registered by a friend in diaspora, whom I thought should have known better; and have .com.ng by migration - that is migrating .com to .com.ng; so to say that when someone clicks on your new domain name, such a person would be directed to the same domain name but now on .com.ng among other available domain names within the .ng space, a proud Nigerian name space; Likewise Etisalat Nigeria, ITRealms, ThisDay and Google Nigeria, to name a few.

It may interest some of us that .ng has come a long way for over 15 years now, but cannot boost of 100,000 domain names, while we have some 165m population with about 45m having access to the Internet/social media etc. 

Please get me right, I am not saying people should not patronize their domain names of choice, but mind you that someone like you and me in those countries brought it to the level we are now appreciating it.

Imagine what impact Lindaikeji will have on the Nigerian brand, especially the young at heart with her blog by mere changing the domain name or even migrating same to com.ng. 

Another critical information here is that as much as we keep the choice of foreign domain names, some smart Nigerians and even foreigners will be fishing such ‘popular’ names/brand by registering them for themselves; waiting for the day you will realize yourself as the true Nigerian you are!

Imagine when the 45m on the Internet migrates or owns each a domain name, that means .ng would have 45m and that is why the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA); was registered since 2005/06. Emphatically, I would say that security of your domain name is assured.

We all must join hands together to build this brand call .ng; own by the Nigerian people for Nigerians! It’s not enough to point the fingers at the political class alone, but ask ourselves how many of such fingers are pointing at us? If the political class cannot direct us well, we need to show them the way or even a path to where we want them to lead us to, especially at this era.
Remmy Nweke
Editor, ITRealms
08023122558, 8051000475, r.nweke@nira.org.ng

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