Monday, July 04, 2011

European Union fixes roaming charges

The European Union has commenced implementation of cut in mobile phone roaming charges, which began last Friday.

This is European Commission’s plans to close the gap between domestic and ‘foreign’ call rates to virtually nothing by 2015, reports SkyNews.

Existing rules to prevent bill shocks for using the internet via mobile while abroad remain: operators must apply an automatic 50 euro (about N11) cut-off limit on accounts unless the customer explicitly agrees otherwise.

Mobile network operators were said to be making profits of more than 200 per cent for mobile calls made while in another EU country, and 300 per cent or 400 per cent for calls received.

Consumers opting for the EU-regulated “Eurotariff” will pay no more than 32p per minute (excluding VAT)for calls made while abroad - down from 35p.

The report stated that additional price drop means mobile roaming charges are about 75 per cent cheaper on average than they were six years ago.

Until 31 December 2013, a 9 per cent rate - down from 13.5 per cent - will apply on restaurant meals, hotels, cinema and theatre tickets, takeaways, museums and galleries, fairgrounds, hair cuts and newspapers.

The list of items that will remain on the higher rate includes bread, car seats, energy bills and services such as car and bike repairs and domestic cleaning.

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MaryJohn said...

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MaryJohn said...

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