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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Internet Society gets new BoT

The Internet Society has announced the election of new Board of Trustees (BoT), comprised of leaders from industry, academia, and the global Internet community.

Just as the Executive Director, Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean (LACNIC), Raúl Echeberría, continued as a board member and was selected as the new chair of the Board.

The diverse and distinguished board membership reflects the Internet Society’s mission of providing global leadership in promoting the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world.

Mr. Greg Wood of Internet Society informed in a press statement made available to ITRealms Online that the new members of the board with terms beginning this year are include the Chief Technology Officer at Neustar, Mr. Eric Burger, Founder of the Arab World Internet Institute, Mr. Khaled Koubaa, Internet Architectures Group of Cisco Systems represented by Mr. Philip Smith, Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, and co-founder Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Mr. Jonathan Zittrain,

In his acceptance speech, Echeberria, said he looks forward to working with the worldwide Internet Society community of members and chapters, as well as colleagues on the board, to continue the important work of the ISOC in promoting access to, and supporting the continued growth of, the Internet while preserving its core values.

During its first meeting, the Board formally thanked outgoing chair Daniel Karrenberg for his service over the past three years.

Meanwhile other members of the board, are Hiroshi Esaki, Professor, The University of Tokyo,Ted Hardie, Director, Internet and Wireless, for Qualcomm’s Research and Development group, Daniel Karrenberg, Co-founder and Chief Scientist of RIPE NCC, Désirée Miloshevic, International Affairs and Policy Development Advisor at Afilias Global Registry Services, Alejandro Pisanty, Professor, the National University of Mexico, Patrick Vande Walle, Official of the European Commission and Bert Wijnen, Research Engineer at RIPE NCC.

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