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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Swiss university unveils Transknowlogy in Nigeria

Vienna-based Swiss Management Center (SMC) University has announced its presence in Nigeria with the opening of its offering for top professionals and knowledge seeking executives in the country for obtaining a world class Masters and PhD certification online through the unveiling of Transknowlogy learning methodology.

Reputed for distance learning institutions, SMC Swiss University, which also have office in Zurich, said it has deployed state-of-the-art academic technology to bring the highest level quality education to its executive students around the world.

ITRealms Online recalls that in the first quarter of 2009, SMC University introduced Transknowlogy, an innovative approach to knowledge transfer.

According to the Academic Director, SMC University, Dr. Guenther Singer, Transknowlogy is a unique learning process, which motivates students to push their limits and to continually measure themselves against other students and their respective cultural backgrounds, despite virtualization.

“Transknowlogy is revolutionary insofar, as it offers students the opportunity to directly and practically deploy the knowledge gained, frequently resulting in sustainable business models and successful multi-million dollar projects,” he declared.

He pointed out that in the world of virtual learning, Transknowlogy compares to what is called Web 2.0 in the online communication community.

He explained that this new approach not only covers the interaction between professors and students, but also the relations between students and between students and administrators. “Transknowlogy empowers students from around the world to acquire knowledge, to develop and to measure themselves against other students and, most importantly, on the market,” he said.

Stressing that due to Transknowlogy, students from a wide range of different countries experience knowledge transfer in a global business context, meaning that they directly and practically deploy the knowledge gained in the course of their degree programmes.

As said by him, SMC University considers it natural for a learning institution with online students from all parts of the world to connect people, cultures and organizations. “Transknowlogy goes a decisive step further: just as new types of aircraft do not receive their certificate of airworthiness on the ground but only when compliance with airworthiness standards has been proved, SMC University students also have to demonstrate their practical abilities,” Dr. Singer said.

Further, the director enlightened that a group of students, including among others, the current Global Vice President of a well-known Italian sports car manufacturer and an experienced CFO, was challenged with the project task of designing and launching “The Ultimate Toy for a Boy”.

The group, he said, developed a 111-foot yacht which they called “One-One-One”, an original brand name referring to the vessel’s length.

SMC University, he pointed out that the programme required the students to not just prepare simple draft of a business idea or a business plan, but a complete conceptualization.

“And they did just that; the result was so impressive, that a company – Summit Marine – was established with the help of the SMC University network. The first One-One-One, worth ten million dollars, will go into production this year,” he asserted.

SMC was founded in 1985, but in 2002, the institution evolved into a university specializing in high-quality distance learning master and doctorate programmes for professionals in executive positions.

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