Monday, April 27, 2009

Zain outlines benefits of one4one offer

Management of Zain Nigeria has outlined benefits of One4One offer it recently introduced into the nation’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) market.

Giving this outline through its spokesman, Mr. Emeka Oparah, Zain Nigeria recalled that the commencement of a new promo tagged One4One allows customers of the leading mobile network in Africa and the Middle East to get bonus minutes when they make calls to any Zain line.

He also said, that the promo rides on a strong selling proposition as it instantly takes a whopping 50 per cent burden off the wallet of every existing Zain customer and of course new subscriber of the company.

While the mechanics of the offer may appear very simple, he said, it could even be reduced to a poetic one-liner, customers of the second largest mobile operator in Nigeria, are beginning to develop an addiction for the offer because of the bountiful opportunities it throws up.

For instance, consumers have realized that the very essence of the promo rests on an equal plank as it harps on a philosophy that reflects the ‘sharing’ spirit.

Stressing that the promo captures, in an absolute sense, the beauty of an effective partnership as it thrives on a 50/50 relationship between the telco and its customers.

Additionally, he said with its extended application, customers of Zain get a bonus minute when they make a minute call to any Zain line.

He cited an instance, saying “if you make a 2-minute call to any Zain line, you only pay for one while Zain pays for the other minute within the same call. If a customer makes 10 minutes call to any Zain line, he only pays for 5 minutes while Zain bears the other remaining charge within that call. In fact, every time you call another Zain line, you pay for one minute and Zain pays for the next minute of the same call.”

He pointed out that the offer does not come with any covert caveat just as there are hardly any small prints in the section spelling out the lean terms and conditions of the promo. “Specifically, to benefit from the offer, a customer must make one complete minute call before he or she can enjoy the next one free minute call; the free minute will apply within the same call; offer applies to on-net calls made during peak and off-peak period; the reward is instant; Zain bears the cost of the free minutes and the offer only applies to on-net calls; i.e. when you call a Zain number,” he said.

Equally, customers are not allowed to accumulate or carry over the free minute to another call.

Explaining that the free minute could only be used within the same call just as the offer only applies to voice on-net calls.

“Normal charging will apply to On and Off net SMS. Offer is open to Pre and Post-paid subscribers but the following will be excluded: all classes of Payphone, Family and Friends and Happy Hour,” he enlightened.

Further, he said that another interesting dimension to the new promo is the timing, which is significant in many ways, noting that it came at a period when the global economic meltdown has splashed several financial roadblocks on the already stony path of countless Nigerians.

“These challenges range from job losses to slump in crude oil prices to an unpredictable exchange rate, crash in the stock market, high prices of consumer goods and unbearable house rents only to mention but a few. Without a doubt, these burdens are not just daunting but capable of causing frustration and despair. It is against this backcloth that Zain has resolved to extend a helping hand, thus allowing its customers save more while they transact their businesses and keep their friendship and family bonds much closer,” he said. 

Describing it as a unique offer, Oparah said the benefits are numerous including the clearly demonstration of the telco’s commitment to translate its brand philosophy of helping people everywhere Zain operates to see, experience and appreciate a “Wonderful World”.

“We have no doubt that this offer will offer some relief to homes and businesses at this critical time. Zain is introducing the Offer at this time because of the company’s desire to assist Nigerians to stay in touch with family, friends and business associates despite the effect of the current global economic realities,” Oparah said.

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