Wednesday, April 01, 2009

50 California’s tech firms exhibit @ CeBIT-09

Over 50 California-based leading technology companies were on trade mission to this year’s edition of CeBIT.

Disclosing this, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California who led the delegation, said he was not disappointed with the world’s largest technology trade fair, which attracted more than 5,000 companies from all corners of the earth.
According to him, though the gathering seems to be at challenging times, which is strangling economies and businesses around the globe.

“Some may say that this is the worst time for a big trade show like this, but they could not be more wrong,” he said.

As said by him, this is the best time to have this kind of trade show, because in times of crisis we can respond in one of two ways.

“We can sit back and complain and whine and resign ourselves to defeat, or you can stand up, challenge yourself and challenge everyone around you to work even harder and you can refuse to fail. You can use a crisis as an opportunity to shine, an opportunity to leap past your competitors who are taking it may be easy and taking the easy way out. That’s what winners do. Losers whine, but winners move forward in a strong and powerful way,” he asserted.

CeBIT, he said, is all about pumping up businesses and finding new customers as well as pumping up the economy, stressing that in today’s economy the world is the marketplace.

“And that is why I have gone on trade missions. I’m a big believer that, if the world does not know about your products, then how do you expect them to be sold to the world? There is no way. So this is why I believe in trade missions,” he said.

Noting that his delegations have been in China, Japan, Canada, Mexico and is currently moving on to Europe, expressing optimism that the step would expand California’s markets and sell California’s products, with the believe that they are some of the best in the world.

He pointed out that when it comes to technology, he was not astonished to see his state to serve as the first trade show partner to CeBIT.

California, he said, is not just another state, but is more like a nation-state.

“California is the world’s eighth largest economy. We are the high-tech capital of the world, the entertainment capital of the world, the innovation capital of the world and the list goes on and on, because to be a Californian means to strive to be the best, to invent, to innovate and to create, to lead and not to follow,” he said.

Emphasizing that it was something that begun in a tiny garage and in Silicon Valley, this is where they built the blocks, the building blocks for the modern computer, where they were thought up and they were built.

California, he said, is also the birthplace of biotechnology, recalling that over 30 years ago two men, a venture capitalist and a California university professor, created the biotech industry over beers in a San Francisco bar over beers.

Presently, he said, his administration is investing billions and billions of dollars in stem cell research.

“We have the greatest universities, with the most sophisticated labs, doing the most cutting-edge research. We are always pushing the envelope, searching for that next great discovery,” he said.

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