Wednesday, November 26, 2008

APC announces new InfraStruXure

Newly unveiled APC InfraStruXure has been described as enabling comprehensive data management for data managers on the continent.

According to the Regional Manager for Africa at APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in integrated critical power and cooling services, Mr. Carl Kleynhans, who announced a new version of APC InfraStruXure central, capacity manager and change manager, the next evolution of its data centre physical infrastructure management suite of applications.

He also said that the suite consists of design, operations and monitoring capabilities providing comprehensive management of the data centre physical infrastructure.

“Data centre physical infrastructure management solutions manage power, cooling, physical space and security in dynamic data centre environments,” he said.

He pointed out that for the first time, APC’s InfraStruXure central supports multi-vendor physical infrastructure equipment including a formal validation program to actively develop and publish support for non-APC equipment.

Detailed information of all physical infrastructure devices, he said, could be consolidated in monitoring application enabling quick assessment and intelligent decision-making on issues threatening IT system availability.

APC’s change manager application provides inventory management and workflow tools to enable data centre operators to map the Information Technology (IT) and physical infrastructure equipment that is located within the data centre.

“When combined with capacity manager, these applications provide data centre operators the ability to perform predictive simulation and modeling of the physical infrastructure – evaluating “what-if” scenarios before they occur,” he said.

Maximising data centre energy efficiency while providing high availability requires measuring and monitoring the physical infrastructure to as granular a level as possible, Kleynhans noted that APC’s data centre management suite utilizes real-time data and a common database, “which means that data centre decisions can be made based on facts and not merely based on nameplate data typically used by stand-alone inventory management tools.”

On growing trends toward higher power densities, driven by technology such as virtualisation, demand, he said form the need for data centre operators to seamlessly move between monitor, design and operate activities.

“APC’s new data centre management suite provides all of this functionality from a “single console” guaranteeing operators are working from the most current data,” he said.

Stressing that APC clients have a significant need to monitor and measure power usage within their data centres.

“Power and cooling is the number one issue for data centre managers today as they face huge challenges in predicting the impact from the ever growing number of installed systems in their new and aging data centres,” he said.

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