Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MWeb introduces Remote iWay Gateway

Leading Internet Service Provider (ISPs) in the country, Mweb Nigeria, has introduced to its subscribers its Remote iWay Internet Gateway (RiIG).

Marketing Manager, Mweb Nigeria, Mrs. Muyiwa Esomojumi informed in a press statement made available to Champion Infotel that the Remote iWay Internet Gateway (RiIG) is a number of software modules precisely servers, serving different purposes bundled together in an operating system to form one gateway.

Each of the modules, he said, have been carefully researched and implemented to serve a different purpose, stressing that RiIG has content management feature that gives users more flexibility and freedom in managing and controlling their volume usage locally.

“It also allows the subscriber to remove unwanted content and increase privacy on their network,” she said.

Additionally, she said, that RiIG amongst other things could improve Internet link performance by assuring efficient link utilization, reduced processor load on indoor unit (DW), reduces HTTP Internet usage by approximately 25 per cent, users pop mail from the RiIG thus saving on link bandwidth, to assure quality internet services, as well as network security which helps to protect customers’ networks from malicious external attacks, to manage Internet content (HTTP), that is, it could be used to mange user’s internet content the way such customer prefers and gives the power to manage domain’s email confidently.

Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) Manager at MWEB Nigeria, Mr. Dotun Faseru pointed out that the core features of the RiIG to the subscribers are numerous as it helps with their content management, anti virus and anti spam tool.

All this, he said, have been introduced to automatically update every six hours over the Internet.

“It is integrated with the mail server, Safe Squid Proxy and Cache Server which is a robust content filtering internet proxy server with transparent caching which enhances security of your Local Area Network (LAN) by ensuring that only trusted sites are connected to the proxy,” he said.

This, he noted would increase privacy and makes surfing a more pleasant experience by blocking pop ups and advertisements, defining users limits to allow Internet access by time, bandwidth, and maximum file size downloadable and Blocking of unwanted websites (URL’s).’

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