Wednesday, March 19, 2008

EVA4400 reduces storage cost – Okpaka

West Africa office of Hewlett Packard (HP) has launched into the regional market its storagework 4400 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA4400), just as the Enterprise Server and Storage (ESS) Manager at HP Nigeria, Mr Chuks Okpaka, said that it reduces storage cost for midsized entities.

Speaking at the launch in Lagos over the week, Mr. Okpaka also said EVA4400 is an easy-to-manage virtual storage disk array designed specifically for midsize customers who need to reduce the costs and complexity of implementing a Storage Area Network (SAN).

EVA4400, he noted offers a combination of high-performance and availability features including virtualization capabilities and advanced provisioning software which makes it ideal for midsize businesses that want to cost-effectively manage large amounts of data in a SAN environment without investing in deep storage experience.

Mr. Okpaka equally said that globally HP has sold about 45,000 units of EVA4400 with the Europe, Middle East and African (EMEA) market recording 22,000 out of this figure.

He described EVA4400 as powerfully simple and is now available in the market, adding that HP also has EVA100, which is equally good and costlier than EVA400.

“But EVA4400 is cheaper and this does not make it (EVA100) is inferior to any of our products,” Mr. Okpaka.

Just as EVA4400 supports LUNS-1024 with host ports of four at 4 Gegabytes as well as hold up for Operating System including Microsoft Windows 2003.

Third-party testing has shown that IT managers spend up to 75 per cent less time managing the EVA due to its superior ease of use when compared to competing arrays from EMC and NetApp.

According to him, midsize customers who adopt server virtualization could further reduce their storage costs and simplify consolidation by using the EVA4400.

He explained that recently HP in furtherance of this proof compared EVA4400 and EMC’s competing storage array.

“After working with both the EVA4400 and EMC products, I would definitely choose the EVA,” said Buzz Kaaz, director of IT at Georgia-based Pattillo Construction, the largest private industrial developer in the south-eastern United States.

“The interface was easy enough to use that I could do it myself and save the cost of hiring a consultant. With limited resources, Pattillo is forced to make every technology decision align with our business needs. The EVA aids this as a result of its unique virtualization capabilities, which eliminate management complexities. It allows us to aggregate and automate array tasks so we can manage more storage capacity with fewer people.”

Speaking on the localised survey, Industrial Server and Storage (ISS) Manager for HP Nigeria, Mr. Hussaini Yakubu noted that the respondents made up users and analysts under the firm Enterprise Strategy Group, that 28 per cent said they plan to implement server virtualization in the next six months and 42 per cent plan to deploy within the next year.

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