Wednesday, March 19, 2008

TSC, Bank PHB join hands to boost Classmate PC penetration

Identification of the Information Technology (IT) as a major tool for the salvation of the nation’s declining educational sector through the private sector participation, was the concept behind the partnership of an Abuja-based Information Technology (IT) company, the Technology Support Centre (TSC) Limited during the announcement of its partnership with Bank PHB and Intel Corporation to push Classmate Pc into the nation’s educational sector.

Spokesman of TSC, Dr. Armstrong Takang said that technology has a major role to play in salvaging education in developing countries, especially in Nigeria, thus the firm’s involvement with Classmate Pc was as a result of Intel’s desire to identify inspiring companies in countries where they operate which was found in TSC in Nigeria.

“This is relevant for TSC to remain vibrant in the ecosystem of the global companies perspective,” he said.

TSC, he said, has developed a programme tagged Technology Enabled Learning (TEL) to strengthen this dream of enthroning technology in education sector, adding that is an initiative that weaves various technology solutions together so as to provide enriched stimulating learning experience.

Some features of TEL, he outlined to include affordable Classmate Pc, connectivity, specialised operating systems, class management system, curriculum and non-curriculum upgrade based on digital content as well as school administration system.

Dr. Takang said, TEL is a solution developed in partnership with Intel, which allows for effective online real-time, interaction between students, teachers, school administration, parents and policy makers.

According to him, TSC value proposition is hinged on what he described as ‘7C framework’ comprising collaboration, communication, cross cultural interaction, creativity and freedom of expression, curiosity and fun, community participation as well as coordination and control.

He explained for instance that with collaboration, TSC e-learning solution encourages students to students alliance, students and teachers relationship and teachers to teachers co-operation.

“Collaboration is the wave of the future and people are learning to use technological platforms to work together to create values, hence TSC e-learning solution powered by the Intel Classmate PC innovation allows for optimum collaboration,” he said.

On cross cultural interaction, Dr. Takang pointed out that the global community is now a boundary-less community, people of different cultures and race could now interact without bias, prejudice or discrimination.

TEL, therefore, provides Nigerian children a unique opportunity to develop a personal profile that makes them citizens of the world.

Just as TSC engenders creativity and a freedom of digital self expression that permits the personal genius in the child and other members of the learning ecosystem to come to the fore.

As said by him, TSC e-learning platform is designed to reach the whole community and spur participation among them, because community is considered to be a part of the larger learning ecosystem.

“We also believe in the Nigerian dream to achieve the vision 2020, education must be seen as a cooperative undertaking to harvest the rich resources of the human mind and create desired future through the wholesome exploitation of knowledge and technology,” he submitted.

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