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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Linkserve relaunches turbo accelerator

Nigerian’s pioneer Internet Service Provider (ISP), Linkserve Limited has re-launched its turbo accelerator, even as the company has introduced a compact disc (CD) installer that facilitates subscribers and non-subscribers configuration of their systems easily.

This is coming as early subscribers would have the priveledge of enjoying two-week free trial version.

The turbo accelerator is used by both dial-up and Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) customers, and has equally been enhanced such that non-subscribers to Linkserve could also use the product.

Corporate Affairs, Marketing and Development Manager at Linkserve, Mrs. Ufuoma ‘Daro, informed Champion Infotel, that Linkserve’s turbo accelerator increases browsing speed with no additional equipment, offering Digital Subscribers Line (DSL) range when browsing or downloading using dial-up with up to five to six times acceleration on wireless or low-end broadband.

She quoted the Chief Executive Officer, Linkserve Limited, Mr. Chima Onyekwere, as saying that turbo accelerator speeds up the delivery of web pages up to five times normal connection speeds through compression of text and graphics that make up web pages before they were sent over the Internet connection.

“The normal dial-up Internet access runs at 56 kilo bits per seconds (kbps), but with the turbo accelerator, it delivers speeds of up to 300 kbps,” he said.

Explaining that the product optimizes the communication between systems’ modem and Linkserve’s network while user is online, thus “shortening the amount of time it takes to connect you to the sites you visit. It also acts as a pop-up blocker, which means that you don’t have to wait for pop-up ads to load,” he stressed.

Speaking about the CD installer, Mr. Onyekwere noted that it took his firm three years to develop, and was to ensure that the CDs met very high standards.

Pointing out that although the product was introduced into the Nigerian market last December, the product has been enhanced, thereby making it more efficient.

Mrs. ‘Daro further said that a trial of the turbo accelerator would change a user’s browsing experience positively.

“It is always exhilarating surfing the Internet with the accelerator which has the capacity of increasing the browsing speed five times over. It is cheap, easy to install and early subscribers will enjoy a free 14-days trial version to assess the product,” she said.

She noted that the turbo accelerator enhances dial up, wireless, satellite and low-end DSL and speeds up graphics and Web pages, thereby allowing the user to get search results faster.

Currently having coverage nationwide and in some African countries including Cape Verde, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Cameroun and Gabon, Linkserve pioneered ISP service in 1997 in the country and has been consistent in introducing new process of reaching out to customers in the countries where it has operations.

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