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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Buttercream queen, Titilayo Abimbola says quitting her passion is out of question - ITREALMS

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Former security personnel turned buttercream queen, Titilayo Abimbola of Mavmira Creamy Cakes 'N' More, Lagos, told ITREALMS' GBEMI OMOTOSO that quitting her passion now is not in her lexicon.

Titilayo Abimbola of Mavmira Creamy Cakes 'N' More
How did you coin your brandname?
My kids initials; Marvelous and Miracle.

How did you get into cake industry?
I just have passion for catering job.
Have you worked in a corporate organization?
Yes, I have worked as a security personnel posted to Essentials at Airport Lagos. Also, Samsung Academy, then, Napak as a security personnel, basically morning and night duties. However, one of the engineers saw the zeal in which I did discharged my duty with dexterity, then he asked which other skills I've passion for. In 2015, he sponsored my baking and catering jobs. Here I'm progressing in my passion. I love military skills this endeared me to my security services, with a good pay.

So far, has your passion paid off?
Yes, it's been profitable with more efforts and God's backing, it's worth it.

With the recent hike in baking materials, how has it been?
Its been harsh as there's no gain. One can't just quit because I'm a success and not a failure.

What category of baker are you?
Buttercream queen.

What has been your concern in the cake industry?
I wish I can do sugar crafts better than now.

What is your best working tools?
Pallet knife.

Any experience with a rude customer and how was it handled eventually?
Yes, a client asked for a refund that the cake she ordered for is small, I returned her cash. however I cut the supposed cake into cake slices to sell in order to get my cash.

How do you handle multi-tasking orders?
I have students-baker whom I delegate the duties. So, it's easier in order to meet up with the target.

Your favourite food?
Pounded yam with ogbono and beef.

Your hobbies?

How do you relax?
Smiles....I attend parties.

How do you maintain a healthy status in spite of your baking schedule especially when handling back to back orders?
I rest when necessary.

Customers relationship, any trick in getting and retaining them?
Yes, I give them discount on the cakes or snacks order.

What is the most difficult aspect of cake decoration?
Sugar crafts.

What keeps you going while working?

How do you see yourself from others perceptions?
I'm an easy going type.

What other skills or professions can lure you from cake industry?
Smiles... none, as I'm satisfied with baking.

If given an opportunity to make a request, what would it be?
To get more capital in order to buy more cake equipment.
product of Mavmira Creamy Cakes 'N' More
Any your memorable day in the cake industry?
The day I baked a cake and it slipped from the oven while I was trying to place it on cooling rack, which made me to bake another cake.

What qualities should a baker possess?
Neatness and good public relations skill.

Your advice to new comers in the industry?
The industry is not for a lazy person, the new comers should be hard-working, tolerant and be focused.

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