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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Mega cake event involves vision, courage, funds & intelligence says SND boss - ITREALMS

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The Chief Executive Officer, SND Business Solutions, Mr. Daniel Edet David is a versatile chef who spoke with ITREALMS' GBEMI OMOTOSO, says a mega cake event involves vision, courage, capable funds and high level intelligence.

Chief Executive Officer, SND Business Solutions, Mr. Daniel Edet David

How did you get your brand name?
From my mum, my mother gave me the name SND, while CAC gave me business solutions
SND simply means "Sea Never Dries".

What are you into in the industry?
I'm a baker, decorator, culinary chef. I'm very versatile that's why I opted into teaching by running an Institute and also engage in online trainings to equip those interested in the industry.

Your daily routine?
I work Mondays to Fridays; so I arrange myself during those period while my weekends is to handle orders/bookings and attends to my page as well for updates.

What prompts your entry in the industry?
My love for creativity, the industry is full of creativity while I'm ready to explore the creativity to utmost advantage.

How has it been?
The journey has been full of drama based on love, hatred, acceptance, envy, caucus and lots more but in all these, it has shaped me for good because I handles every experience with diligence. In essence, it has not been rosy but I thank God for His faithfulness and grace which is my anchor.

You major in baking, cooking and event planning/decorator; which are very challenging; how do you cope?
Yes! very challenging!! that's what prompts my decision to run an Institute in order to impart knowledge. Once, the Cake is ordered, decorations doesn't flow always, its once in a while, once they're available, it's a field practical for my students.

A clear view about your Institute?
The Institute was borne out of my desire to impart and touch lives positively; it's an avenue where we teach culinary skills, cake making/decorations, hotel management, mixology, event decorations among other available courses.

SND produce and Chief Executive Officer, SND Business Solutions, Mr. Daniel Edet David
Your likes and dislikes?
Waoh! I likes everything good, good vibes, teachable environment and the word of God. Whereas, I dislikes betrayals, talking down on people most especially LIES.

How do you stay motivated when things do not go as planned?
I changed my plans but if I don't have alternative at that moment, I have it the way it comes..

How many years have you been in the industry?
Professionally 10 years.

What is your view about Mentors and mentee?
A mentor is someone that keeps you in check. So, a mentee can look up to the Mentor any day any time for advice and more.

As a baker, have you developed a recipe? And how is the feedback from clients?
I send my new recipes on trial mode, by baking free product of that recipe, then I ask week after about it, I also send to some students to try and check the shelf-life as well.

Your Favourite food?

Your hobbies?
Music and adventures.

Any memorable experience you would like to share?
Hmmm.... my first time anchoring a programme, it was like a dream come true.

Apart from your culinary Institute, which other aspects do you showcase your creativity in the industry?
I started an exhibition show last year with top cake artists, mixologists, decorators in the industry to help others upgrade and elevate their creativity as well. My annual exhibition show "SND Cake hub" has availed other bakers, decorators to learn new ideas and enables them the opportunity to meet their mentors too.

How do you source for your facilitators? And how has it been getting their approval to participate on the show?
I developed personal interaction/relationship with them while the connections has been awesome. Actually, at the onset I had so many turns down over the years, but I kept moving, and created a policy around it which made last year-maiden edition a good start. Permit, me to add this, the second "Snd Cake hub is next month-September 28-29 with a live competitions.

What does it take in planning a mega Cake event?
Vision, courage, capable funds and your high level of intelligence.

Considering the high level of facilitators, what steps have you put in place?
Well, with the current situation in the country, the gate fee is reasonable while trending topics, live competitions and lots more are input. However, there's adequate security for all participants likewise a good atmosphere for the top facilitators coming.

How would you describe yourself from others perception?
Well, I would say I am my own specie, the one created by God for a mission, people are entitled to their opinions. I know I'm caring, a God loving person, easy going, a team player and a person who place others happiness ahead of his.

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