" ITREALMS: Marriage scandal: Petitioners seeking sack of FCMB boss, Adam Nuru reach 1,895 - ITREALMS

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Saturday, January 02, 2021

Marriage scandal: Petitioners seeking sack of FCMB boss, Adam Nuru reach 1,895 - ITREALMS

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The petition seeking to compel the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the board of the First City Monument Bank (FCMB) to dismiss Adam Nuru on ethical grounds over alleged marriage scandal is gaining momentum as it nears target of 2,500 signatures, reports ITREALMS.
At press time, the petition seeking 'Justice for Tunde Thomas' at Change.org has reached 1,895 and seems to be recording new signature every minute, from ITREALMS investigations.
The anonymous petitioner on behalf of Justice for Tunde Thomas alleged that Mr. Thomas died recently, "about a week or 2 from depression."

The petitioner also said that apparently, kids from his marriage to Moyo Thomas belongs to wife’s boss (Adam Nuru, the current MD of FCMB). 

According to the petition, "Moyo Thomas left Tunde to go to America with the kids, she told him kids were not his when she got to America. He was later down with stroke but recovered."

"Tunde met someone else he was going to remarry but apparently didn’t recover from the first marriage issues. Tunde was just made director for the MFB he works for. 

"Got back from work last week and had a cardiac arrest 2 days before introduction to pregnant new girlfriend.

"This is a case of gross misconduct based on ethical grounds and an unjustifiable economic oppression by the elites (Adam Nuru) against the less privileged in the society. 

"The MD has been doing everything possible to sweep this case under the carpet.

"We implore the Central Bank of Nigeria as the apex regulator and the board of FCMB to investigate this for the integrity of the bank and Nigerian banking industry. 

"This is a case too many, while I agree that this is not the full story, the barest minimum will be an investigation to this unethical conduct by the current Managing Director (MD) of FCMB Bank, Mr. Adam Nuru."

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