Monday, August 05, 2019

Incessant killings of Catholic priests and Buhari's silent mode - ITREALMS

The Catholic Priesthood is a unique vocation not only within the Church, but also among other religious preachers & ministers. A Catholic Priest receives Holy Orders, which is a sacrament, meaning that he receives special graces to fulfill his ministry.

The continuous killings of Catholic Priests in different communities in the country keeps receiving attention based on the dastardly act carried out by Fulani herdsmen.

Fulani herdsmen are seen by the Global Terrorism Index as the fourth deadliest terror group in the world. Hardly does each day pass without stories of Fulani herdsmen popping up.

Life under Buhari's watch has remained on the negative dimension, as the Fulani herdsmen under the guise of cattle grazing, the herdsmen keep carrying out notorious acts because lives are always wasted.

The killing of Rev. Fr. Paul Offu as the recent one & last week Friday, angry Catholic Priests marched to the Government House, Enugu with different inscriptions such as: " enough is enough, government should rise to defend Nigerians".

Protection of lives & property of citizens is a constitutional responsibility which can't be shoved aside. I must say here that insecurity has remained a major problem in a country that Buhari promised Nigerians about his plans to tackle insecurity. Human life is so cheap now, as the number of deaths keeps increasing.

The Fulani herdsmen (killers) saunter away from the scenes of massacres unchallenged.

Killing a Catholic Priest is evil & satanic. Some see it as an act capable of stoking up religious conflict in the country & plunge the communities into endless bloodletting.

Buhari should stop any blame game for now, he has his work cut out, should stand up & put an end to these killings. Enough of his lacklustre performance. The pains of his unfulfilled promises during his first term are still visible. He should give Nigerians hope & not leave them with the dot of despair.

On the killings, in an homily by Rev. Fr. Joseph Osunde, OP, he said, Nigerians are only good at reactive means, rather than to be proactive and than the onus lies on us to turn things around, if we agree to say " Yes We Can".

The worrisome dimension is now the killing of Priests, the Priests are now at the receiving end due to government's ineptitude. Nigerians now live in fear, as they don't know the next point (place) of attack & the next victim.

The gory pictures of killed Catholic Priests are all over the place. In the hour of need, leaders lead. Is Buhari leading?

For Catholics, we all need our Priests to carry out their vocation, help us all in the journey of faith & we don't want these sorry tales of killings by Fulani herdsmen.

Buhari, your silent mode is no longer acceptable, because this madness must stop by taking decisive measures & also nipped in the bud timely.

This is not an animal kingdom. May God bless Nigeria!

*CHRIS URUAKPA contributed this from Lagos.

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