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Monday, November 19, 2012

DigitalSENSE News: All in one from Etisalat = data-voice-sms

The Easyflex plan comes with four variants the Flex N1000, Flex N700, Flex N500 and Flex N300.
Flex N1,000 offers customers up to 100 minutes talk time to call any network or 100 megabyte data or 400 SMS to any network; Flex N700 bundle offers customers 70 minutes talk time to call any network or 70 megabyte data or 280 SMS to any network; Flex N500 offers customers 50 minutes talk time to any network or 50 megabyte data or 200 SMS to any network.

While Flex N300 offers customers 25 minutes talk time to any network or 25 megabyte data or 100 SMS to any network. Customers can however mix and match as they browse, call and send SMS to all networks as they wish on all four variants of Easy Flex. 

Etisalat customers on any of the prepaid packages who wish to enjoy the huge benefits of 
easyflex will have to migrate by dialing *344*bundle of their choice#. For instance, to purchase Flex N1,000, customers  should simply dial *344*1000#, *344*700# for  Flex N700, *344*500# for Flex N500 and *344*300# for Flex N300.

DigitalSENSE News: Etisalat unveils EasyFlex: (L-R): Director, Product & Service, Mr. Lucas Dada; Head, Consumer Market, Mr. Idowu Adesokan; Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Wael Am... ... Making SENSE of digital revolution!

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