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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What makes Oracle data backup unique – Iyoha

L-R: Nasiru Izegwire, Olusola Kokoye, Oduwole Tayo, Femi Ibine,
all of ExpertEdge and Adeola Adebari, Oracle.
Lead presales consultant for Oracle West Africa, Mr. Hamilton Iyoha has outlined what makes Oracle data backup system unique.

He made this disclosure at a one-day Business Technology Summit organized by both Computer Warehouse Group (CWG) and Oracle at Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Ikeja, Lagos, with the theme: “Data Security & Optimization: The Oracle Way for IT professionals in the Manufacturing and Services Businesses.”

He said that top on the list of what makes Oracle data security unique is the fact that backups are encrypted, lamenting that only 22 per cent of all databases backup files are currently encrypted, according to 2011 Oracle Security Survey user group.

“What makes oracle backup unique is because it is encrypted,” he declared, adding that Oracle advanced security has shown that with advance complete encryption for application prevents direct access to data stored in database files, on tape, and exports to name a few by Information Technology (IT) staff or Oracle System (OS) users.

Over 1bn records have been bated from database servers over 6 years. Database here means structured data, which means two thirds of sensitive and regulate information now resides in database, which doubles every two years.

Data breaches caused by insiders’ records stolen, he said, accounts for 46 per cent usage of Structured Query Language (SQL) injection, which is a database computer language used to query, retrieve and manipulate data, while hackers used stolen credentials ranked 86 per cent.

With fast growing data, he noted that demands for data security will also increase manifold, maintaining that the larger the number of data that you have determines the number of threats you are likely going to have.

He quoted recent Decency Forrester reports, which shows that government of Nigeria has plans to provide multiple IT services to citizens, thus entailing that those databases must be protected.

“So your database must be protected in order to be secure,” he declared.

Iyoha also said that Oracle database security has been built in two tier key management for Segregation of Duties (SoD) in Oracle with support for canalized key management using Key Management System (KMS).

This, he said, is a strong authentication of databases’ users for great identity assurance.

“The whole idea of encryption is to make the data unreadable,” he said, warning that this should not mean that users cannot even get access again.

Iyoha emphasized, there should be a separation of duties in the management of database security namely system management, user management and security management.

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