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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Samsung produces laptops 100% in-house, unveils Ultrabooks

Samsung Electronics says laptops from its stables are produced 100 per cent in-house, even as it unveils ultrabooks in Lagos.
Director, Information Technology at Samsung Electronics West Africa, Mrs. Chioma Iwuchukwu-Nweke made these disclosures to ITRealms Online at the launch of Samsung series 5 ultra Notebook.

According to her, Samsung invents, designs and builds its own technologies, apart from producing IT products for other technology companies around the world.

“Everything is done in-house 100% it helps us to monitor the quality,” she declared.

For this reason, she said, Samsung has unrivaled quality, better performance and technology, designed, and supportive.

She noted that in 2006 Samsung signed up with Olympic and is ranked among the top 50 technology companies, while is number 1 in Television manufacturing.

Samsung, she also said, is the largest revenue technology company globally, adding that in 2010, Samsung was ranked second on top patient, just as its 20th in brand equity.

In 2011, she further said came out with solar notebook and since has become the fastest growing Personal Computing (PC) company.

Kim, Chioma Nweke, Shade Oyelayo @ unveiling of Ultrabook 14" 13"
The Information Technology (IT) for Samsung West Africa, Mrs. Shade Oyelayo, said that Ultra Notebook comes in 13 and 14 inches that is 3.7kg and 4.1kg respectively.

She also explained that if the Notebook ever got stolen, will be locked once it goes online.

“If it’s lost and reported, once its online every part is locked and shot in its own,” she said.

Also, she said, it’s not possible for anyone to remove the hard drive to sale or any other parts.

Additionally, she said that with the shared connectivity, it has digital network living express (DNLE) which affords wireless connectivity with other IT products.

As said by her, the high performing 14 inches ultrabook, comes with a huge hard disk drive of up to 1 Terabytes and integrated optical disk drive.

With the Samsung series 5 ultrabook, she said, there is no compromise, as it’s the perfect combination of performance and portability.

“It has brilliant 14.0” display and wakes in just two seconds, but it’s still ultra think and light and has a battery life of 6.5 hours,” she said, stressing that the large storage space any user could need.

She described the ultrabooks as entertaining anywhere, anytime, saying the integrated optical disc drive stands the ultrabooks out in the market place.

Additionally, she said that aside the expandable and upgradable features, ultrabook has 8 Gega Bytes of upgradable memory plus the VGA and full HDMI ports and a security slot for maximum flexibility.

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My mobile phone is the same brand. I've had a positive experience, and if it translates into their laptops too, I just might start looking at laptops for sale.