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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

APC seeks open spectrum management for development

Acclaimed international non-governmental organization (NGO) reputed for using Internet for social change, the Association of Progressive Communication (APC) has unveiled an open spectrum management for development in five countries across the globe.

These countries include Brazil, India, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

Evan Light of APC in a brief about the project made available to ITRealms Online, defined spectrum as the electromagnetic waves used for radio and television signals, satellite signals, cellular telephone signals, wireless internet signals and various other things, which is necessary for the world’s daily communications needs.

Also, Evan said that a number of important technological debates and developments are currently taking place to shape the future of spectrum-based communication and the potential for introducing open spectrum management.

This policy brief, Evan said provides a brief history of how spectrum use has developed over the past 80 years, examines how it is currently being managed and what the current issues surrounding spectrum are, and makes a case for open spectrum.

He equally provided steps for a way forward, as well as a list of concrete actions that could be taken by civil society organisations, policy makers and media practitioners.

The brief was written as a part of the APC’s work on Open spectrum for development, which includes five national country studies, namely in aforementioned countries.

Spectrum in Colombia, he said for instance, demands for a more participative model, asserting there are several government initiatives aimed at broadening telecommunications access for the whole population through spectrum.

Colombian civil society, he said, should make the most of recent opportunities to lobby for the design of a management model that is more efficient and emphasises on the social value of the spectrum, according to Lilian Chamorro and Ariel Barbosa, authors of a new study for APC.

In Argentina, the spectrum is renationalized through privatization, which makes the country one of the only three nations worldwide that has done so with spectrum. However its recent renationalisation, together with the participative drafting of a new radio broadcasting law and a national plan for internet access, make this an auspicious time.

Remmy Nweke

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Daisy Dee said...

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Heidi Lawrens said...

I agree with Daisy. This is a good news. They might also need the top warehouse management systems to manage their electronic devices that they will use on managing their documents and files.

PBASolutions said...

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