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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Buy Swivel iZap, get 250hrs free

Starcomms plc is offering new generation swivel iZap modem for free to new customers while existing customers renewing on the 250 hours data plan either on iZap or 1x would automatically get an extra 50 hours within the 90 days of the subscription plan.

The Chief Operating Officer, Starcomms, Mr. Logan Pather said at the weekend, the promotional offer would run for the next two months and it is meant to heighten the internet browsing experience of Nigerians, especially those that have yet to enjoy Starcomms.

According to him, Starcomms has listened customers and prospective customers who are desirous of extra browsing time and the opportunity to join the listening network on the data platform.

He further said, this would gave rise to the offer of free modems to customers who are ready to browse for the next three months by subscribing to the purple 250 plan.

“This will give them ample time to enjoy their browsing experience,” Pather said.

Equally, he said, aside from speed for which Starcomms internet service is well known for, the network offers one of the most varied subscription plans in the industry.

“Starcomms internet service plans are available in hourly packages, volume based packages and monthly uninterrupted packages on both iZap and 1x platforms,” he said.

The 50 hours package, he said, was also recently introduced in response to the clamour of internet subscribers, who desire flexibility in the prices of data packages to allow them many choices on their subscription.

As said by him, many of Starcomms customers demanded for a value subscription plan on their internet access in order to stem long period of inactivity on their data account as a result of limited funds at the point of expiration of their last recharge.

“With the plan, they can decide at the expiration of their default package to switch to a more affordable and temporary plan while they get funds together for the higher priced packages,” he said. The free modem promotion on the 250 hours subscription, he said, is also another incentive for those who plan to migrate to Starcomms data plan within the next two months.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

i always subscribed to the monthly 100hrs (N6500) but sometimes things are hard then i shifted to 14 days 50hr (N3500). Just recently i were informed on the phone by starcomm official that 150hrs 60 days (N8500) is now available and i quickly grab it.
You see starcomm modem is the best among others though expensive, but all these packages will keep us moving according to our pocket and prevent modem validity or expirations so soon.
But i wish to suggest extension of services to other areas of the federation because when you travel out of lagos starcomm service is not available in most areas e.g Ikare in Ondo State of Nigeria among others.