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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Starcomms connects subscribers on Facebook, Twitter

Starcomms Plc has joined the operators connecting subscribers with Facebook, Twitter, Hi5 and MySpace through the creation of these social networking and micro-blogging services on its network.

The Chief Commercial Officer of Starcomms, Tushar Maheshwari, made this disclosure in Lagos, and said that even without a laptop or a personal computer and outside the comfort of the home or office, Starcomms subscribers could now use their mobile phones to send and receive tweets from their Twitter accounts for diverse purposes

“Using Twitter with Starcomms phone will change the way people tweet and communicate with friends and followers. They can receive Tweets via SMS when people they specify update on twitter website. They can also send updates to Twitter on the go,” Maheshwari said.

Additionally, Maheshwari noted that Starcomms subscribers who want to enjoy this service must register on the networking site of choice.

“To start accessing these websites subscriber would be required to pair their Starcomms phone to the preferred website. To make use of this service for Facebook, Starcomms subscribers have to send SMS F to a short code 33397 using Starcomms phones and then to access http://apps.facebook.com/mobisocialStarcomms subscribers can access twitter through a short code, 33399. They can then send REG (user name) (password) to the short code to register,” the officer said.

Pointing out that with this, they could add their phones to individual Twitter accounts and once the Starcomms phone is registered on the networking website the subscriber then could start enjoying Tweets on Twitter and SMS’s on other networking sites from their contacts or followers.

Similarly, Maheshwari said, for Facebook the subscriber could send and receive messages or invitations, receive notifications write on friend’s FB walls and on contact’s FB walls, update status and view friend’s profile via SMS.

“Users can search for the long lost contacts / acquaintances, accept an invitation or invite their friends / contacts via SMS on either of these networking websites,” he said.

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