Wednesday, November 05, 2008

FAQ about FeedBurner (2)

What does this mean for FeedBurner’s partners, advertisers, and users?

A: We are excited to continue offering FeedBurner’s exceptional tools to content creators throughout the world, and our teams will work together to improve the experiences of feed users, advertisers, and publishers. Users can continue to sign up for FeedBurner’s services and take advantage of their feed tools and features immediately, and advertisers can continue to leverage FeedBurner’s media network to achieve their marketing objectives.

Q. What are Google’s plans for integrating FeedBurner into Google technology? Will it become part of the Google advertising platform and/or Google Reader? Will it be integrated into Google Analytics?

A. Our teams will work to improve the experience of our users, publishers, and advertisers, but it’s too early to know how FeedBurner’s technology will be integrated into Google. We do not have any news to share about integration plans at this time.

Q. Will the feed-based ads continue to be sold on a purely (cost per thousand) CPM basis, or will they be sold on a (cost per click) CPC basis like most AdWords ads?

A. As this is a recent acquisition, it is too early to say what the ads pricing will look like. We will explore a variety of options to determine what is best for our users, advertisers, and publishers.

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