Wednesday, April 02, 2008

LG introduces KF600 mobile phone

PRODUCERS of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) and Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) handsets, LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company has introduced its latest, KF600 mobile phone into the global market.

According to LG officials, the iF product design award winning LG KF600 has been launched into the Middle East and Africa markets and comes with a rich feature and easy to use, stylish, thanks to its unique InteractPad.

Chief executive, LG Electronics for Middle East and Africa region, Mr. Mr. K.W. Kim, explained that the InteractPad replaces physical navigation keys with context-specific virtual keys that change to fit the task at hand.

This new interface, he added comes in response to the need for a simple way to navigate through the multitudinous features on today’s mobile phones.

The LG KF600’s InteractPad and its virtual menu keys, he said, show the exact keys a user needs to complete the task at hand eliminating distractions. This is far more flexible than standard hardware keys and eliminates the need to memorise exactly which key performs what function.

"These virtual keys are also larger and better spaced than physical keys, improving accuracy," he said.

Stressing that the LG KF600 and the InteractPad reflect LG’s commitment to making its handsets easier to use through improved user interface technology.

"Usability is truly at the centre of this handset’s design and it represents LG’s latest achievement in making phones that connect with their users," he said.

The InteractPad, he emphasised is an ideal interface for controlling multimedia features such as the LG KF600’s digital audio player, camera and video camera.

“Because its controls are not tied to physical buttons, each of these functions has a custom interface that makes it incredibly intuitive to use," he said.

To make it easier to use, the InteractPad, Mr. Kim said, is equipped with multi-sensorial feedback that provides users with audio, visual and tactile cues. When a virtual button is pressed it becomes larger and the phone vibrates just slightly and makes a clicking sound.

"This feedback is not only designed to make these virtual buttons seem more like real ones, it also makes the phone more comfortable to use and improves accuracy," he said.

"This handset offers a mere glimpse into a newly emerging trend in the mobile market. LG is researching and developing new ways to improve usability and will continue focus on features that add practical benefits for users," Kim added.

The LG KF600 includes eight dynamic graphic interface themes that are stylish and fun. Each gives the phone a different character that can act as an extension of its owner’s personality. These themes, many of which were inspired by the work of famed artist Keith Haring, affect all aspects of the LG KF600’s interface including the InteractPad. When users choose a theme, all the layouts of each application will be reflected in menu, icons as well as wallpaper under the integrated theme.

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