Wednesday, March 26, 2008

DaniSAT relaunches Thuraya satellite phones

LEADING satellite telecommunications entity, Thuraya in conjunction with DaniSAT Communications Limited is offering the Nigerian market 100 per cent telephone and tracking coverage, reports Charles Okoh.

Announcing its re-entry into the Nigerian market, Senior country manager Thuraya, Mr. Abdullahi Ahmed Ali, said the firm values the Nigerian market as it ranks as one of the top five in Africa.

The company, he said, is coming with special offers both in cost of telephone, call rates, network coverage as well as social welfare services.

Mr. Ali also said Thuraya offers satellite based telephony with dynamic mobile suite that combines satellite, Global System for Mobile communications (GSM), Geo Mobile Packet Radio Service (GmPRS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) which guarantees 100 per cent network coverage in rural areas both on land, sea, rivers, lakes with no or less terrestrial network.

He pointed out that Thuraya with a coverage of more than 120 countries across Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia, is the “preferred option in government, military, corporate, oil & gas, construction, business travellers, remote worker as it is orbital and requires no base station nor is it subjected to bad weather conditions.”

Speaking on its special offering for the country, Ali said Thuraya plans to support educational and developmental projects as well as satisfy the communications needs of its subscribers through cheap call rates.

Chairman, DaniSAT, Mr. Peder Sidelmann who accompanied Mr. Ali, said the partnership with Thuraya will ensure 100 per cent coverage in the case of theft, both within and cross border tracking devoid of network congestion, restricted coverage and other limitations of the GSM.

DaniSAT manufactures tracking hardware and developer of the software that allows visualized access to report containing information about position, speed, direction, start and stops of a vehicle or vessel in the event of theft or as a way of monitoring their activities.

This, company sources said also allows “the owner of vessel or car to know if the driver stops somewhere for more than one hour.”

Further, the facility tells if the “vessel or car goes by another route than the one planned, if he speeds for a longer period than it takes just to overtake another vehicle etc. Transporters of sensible cargo may want to know when and where doors are opened, fuel locks are opened, etc. In the unfortunate event of theft, it is of utmost importance to know the position of the vehicle, to be alerted, and to be able to trace live (real time) the stolen vehicle, or even to stop it.”

On the cost of the Thuraya phones, Mr. Ali, said Thuraya offers the most affordable rates in the satellite sector, stating that satellite phone and communication are expensive but that the offer for the country will be cheaper, lighter, smaller telephone than what it was before now.

According to him, “Thuraya is solution to drop calls and rural telephony because a satellite phone is not subjected to weather conditions which allows for uninterrupted telephone access as well as provide GSM-like services.”

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