Wednesday, February 06, 2008

SIDSA enters semiconductor market

Spain-based audiovisual technology provider with speciality in conditional access, digital headends and overall project management, has entered into semiconductor market.

The company information made available to Champion Infotel indicated that the forthcoming World Mobile Congress (WMC) taking off in Barcelona next Monday would be the platform for the ground entrance.

According to company sources, its Enter e1 chipset brings the best-in-class performance together with a plug and watch capability, which enables easy integration into all kind of portable television (TV) devices.

SIDSA also said that its entrance into the Digital Video Broadcasting for Handheld (DVB-H) semiconductor market with its new Enter e1 demodulator plus application processor chipset.

DVB-H would be a new technology that allows simultaneous transmission of television, radio, video, audio and Internet content to mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), Personal Computers (PCs) as well as other handheld devices. Technically speaking, DVB-H is an adaptation of the digital terrestrial TV standard DVB-T, which is widely used around the world, to the requirements of a battery-powered handheld device, according

Senior Vice President, Engineering at SIDSA, Mr. Federico Ruiz, said that this new chipset, comes with current offering of Intellectual Property for DVB-H demodulator, and as a leading provider of DVB-H demodulator services SIDSA counts as Internet Protocol (IP) customers to three of the top semiconductor vendor.

He explained that the Enter e1 demodulator chipset, for instance, provides best-in class performance, especially in high-speed conditions or high spectrum operation.

The chipset targets easy integration into any device thanks to the internal memory and application processor that could handle all the heavy DVB-H stuff (PSI/SI parsing, handover, ESG parsing…) up to and excluding the user interface and video and audio playing.

“Our main objective is to enable rapid integration into any kind of DVB-H device such as mobile phones, portable media players, PDAs, among others,” he said, adding that it keeps the best-in-class performance.

Head of Business Development at SIDSA, Mr. Fernandez said, the firm is committed to mobile TV deployments and overall project management, stressing that the solutions work in real end-to-end systems.

Also, he said, the company has placed all its know-how to achieve a demodulator chipset that could work in any condition faced in real network deployments.

He listed some key characteristics of the product to include offering of full DVB-T and DVB-H support, fully MBRAI compliant thereby exceeding most MBRAI requirements while supporting all main Silicon tuners in the market and shore up 5/6/7/8 Mega Hertz (MHz) channel bandwidths among others.

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