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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Still on fraudulent emails

Market intelligence:

A fraudulent electronic mail was making yet another round inviting Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to United States (U.S.) for a summit on development.

Concerned Internet experts noted that several erroneous steps have showed that those behind the fraud are simply gold-diggers wanting to reap people of their hard earned money through payment for event or summit that does not exist and would never held.

The first of such wrong steps by these gold diggers was the caption for the call for participation, which read, “Invitation Participation to first International NGOs & CBOs Summits on development/JACOBSON.”

Expert sources faulted this, saying that Jacobson, a renowned family enterprise in the United States would not make call for participation and the same time trying to stress emphasis on the name – JACOBSON.

The second wrong note for the perpetrators, expert said was that the address for remittance for the summit participation fees was given as in Togo, West Africa, a link that does not have any connotation to JACOBSON in the United States.

Additional wrong note for the perpetrators was the fact that the invitation was not ‘professionally’ scripted to international standard, hence it began with the abridged brief on Jacobson companies, which was founded in 1968.

However, the original call for participation from these fraudsters dated August 2, 2007, stated the event was to hold from September 10-14, and 24 through 28 both in United Kingdom.

Part of letter read: “Dear Colleagues, The present notification has been previously sent to your office through postal mail transmission and through electronic mail transmission but since our Office did not receive any confirmation from you, we send it to you anew.”

And for the finances, the fraudsters invited those interested to send their Western Union to:

Mr Franck JOHNSON, The Africa Bureau- J.I.D.F, 125 Blvd de la Paix, Tel. (+228) 942 7896, Kara-TOGO – West Africa, By Email at: franckjohnson.togo@mail.org.

Noteworthy here is that the likes of InterPol and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in the West African region should join forces to ensure that such people as this are brought to book, especially when there are glaring links to the perpetrators such as the email used and telephone numbers that are traceable.

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