Wednesday, July 04, 2007

XLR8 blogs on quality of service @ eNNOVATE-07

Management of eNNOVATE expo, XLR8 Limited, has introduced blogging into the nation’s organised Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) exhibition with a focus on Quality of Service (QoS) in the telecom sector.

Defined as a way of collecting links to web pages and sharing thoughts as well as ideas among people of like-minds online, blogs or Weblogs are essentially online journals or diaries, which have become famous for sharing information and ideas.

Disclosing this, the project manager of eNNOVATE Expo, Mr. Adewole Ojo, said this has become necessary to enable Nigerians to share their views on the deteriorating quality of service in telecom and particularly on the Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) networks in the country.

“It’s no news anymore that many GSM subscribers in Nigeria have of late been experiencing occasional severe challenges with using their mobile phones,” he said, noting that in some cases, network downtimes make it absolutely impossible for subscribers to make calls.

“Sometimes, calls drop in the middle of phone conversations. At other times, it is impossible to check credit balances or indeed to reload mobile phones with credit,” he said.

Mr. Ojo stressing that with the making of debut of the blog targeted at quality of service on, the website of forthcoming technology and value added services exhibition billed for Lagos for August 16 through 18 would avail even the operators the opportunity to re-strategise for better consumer offering.

He said that people interesting in accessing the blog, should simply log-in to the eNNOVATE website and clicking on the blog.

According to him, this would provide Nigerian telecom consumers the chance to contribute their quota via sharing of ideas, either based locally in the country or abroad.

“It would afford people living in Nigeria and friends of Nigeria to share views and information on a subject very dear to millions of Nigerians at this time,” he asserted.

Quality of service particularly in the GSM service delivery, he said, has attracted enormous concern and attention in Nigeria over the last few weeks, culminating in a recent resolution by Nigeria’s Senate to make a condemning pronouncement on it.

“A good number of Nigerians are anxious to see the quick emergence of a world class quality of service among the telecom networks,” Mr. Ojo declared.

He explained that as the organizers of Nigeria’s most innovative technological expo, XLR8 felt duty bound to provide interested persons with a forum such as this in order to facilitate better information and knowledge sharing about this situation.

“We trust that in so doing, we will be helping to place issues in proper perspective as a vital step towards a steady and quick resolution of the situation,” he said.

He expects that the blog is essentially an information sharing and dissemination platform that would attract network operators and subscribers alike.

“I hope they will visit the blog regularly to get a down-to-earth feel as to how their customers perceive their operations as well as ideas for service improvement and respond accordingly” he asserted, disclosing that blogging will form key topic at eNNOVATE 2007 with Dr. Jeremy Weate of the foremost Naijablog, as one of eNNOVATE’s lead speakers among others.

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