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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Stakeholders want ICANN’s feedback taken seriously

A total of 34 quality responses were made at the recently concluded request for public comments and dialogue on the performance of the global Internet coordinator, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

This is coming as Internet stakeholders have cautioned ICANN to take feedbacks more seriously.

According to the summary and analysis of responses made available to Champion Infotel by the Executive Officer and Vice President, Corporate Affairs at ICANN, Mr. Paul Levins, whereas 14 core responses were received as comments, 15 posts received and 10 comments in response to postings from ICANN staff.

Champion Infotel recalled that on May 8, this year, ICANN had posted a comment, seeking community feedback about its performance, especially as concerned its ongoing interest in continuous improvement.

ICANN also requested responses targeted at comments regarding to several areas of performance, which have been drawn from the ICANN strategic plan, including precisely on if ICANN has become more transparent, accessible and accountable?

The agency equally asked what improvements have been observed, what still needs to be done, and has ICANN improved its operational performance?

“What improvements have been observed and what still needs to be done? Has ICANN improved its performance in the development of Policy and what improvements have been observed and what still needs to be done?” were part of the areas of interest for comments.

In addition, comments were requested on if ICANN has increased international participation and what improvements have been observed as well as what still needs to be done.

Have there been improvements in participation and in efficiency of the ICANN multi-stakeholder model, just as what more needed to be done, what plans and actions have been observed that could position ICANN for more comprehensive transition of the technical coordination of the Internet’s system of unique identifiers among others.

And following the conclusion of the comments session on June 5, 2007, ICANN recently posted the summary of these responses.

As said by ICANN, Mr. Tim Ruiz of GoDaddy channelled his comment on the accountability and transparency with a key remark on second page where he asked for a mechanism to escalate review of a board decision.

Mr. Edward Hasbrouk, the summary stated, believes ICANN has not improved in any area, stressing that the body is still existing in “flagrant disregard of its bylaws” and called for reconsideration committee and ombudsman.

The Internet Commerce Association (ICA) urged ICANN to take its feedback from the Internet community more seriously.

Mr. Jon Nevitt of the registrar Network Solutions advocated for a better appealing system among the community, while Mr. Dan Krimm wondered on the kind of multi-stakeholder organisation of ICANN, saying it is not bottom up but vice versa, even as the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) was gravely concerned over the transparency and accountability of governance at ICANN, more especially on its public consultations among others.

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