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Thursday, March 29, 2007

HiREST boosts brandband services

Fast growing Internet Service Provider (ISP), HiREST Africa Limited has restated its resolve to boost broadband Internet service in the country, especially as the company brings what it described as new approach in service delivery to the market.

Corporate Affairs Director at HiREST, Mrs Ufuoma Daro, said that the company, which commenced full operations about a year ago, is focused on providing extraordinary services to its customers nationwide and in the West as well as Central Africa region.

She said that these steps by HiREST have reached advanced arrangement with some foreign partners to actualise its offering.

She quoted the chief executive in a press statement made available to Champion Infotel, Mr. Igho Mrakpor, who refused to give details of the partners, as saying that HiREST was set up basically to fill the gap that hitherto existed between service providers and their customers.

According to Mr. Mrakpor, there was yearning gap of service inadequacies.

“We noticed that subscribers complained about unstable and unreliable networks. It was in an effort to bridge this gap that HiREST was set up and we intend to do all that is required to close this gap,” he said.

Mr. Mrakpor also said that, Internet business in Nigeria is no doubt witnessing one of its glorious moments as today’s customers are no longer conservative but are well aware of global developments and as such demand better services.

He stressed that was the reason his company decided to bring a new approach in service delivery to the market.

“We do not believe that we should just take a customer’s money, give him his equipment and disappear,” he asserted.

He emphasised that the only thing that will make the Internet service sector better again is to make the customer king once more and to give him value for his money.

“We’re customer focused, at HiREST because customer is the king. The customer is first for us and while we look at customer satisfaction, we ensure that we exceed our customers’ expectations,” he added.

Mrakpor pointed out that there was a need for a paradigm shift by ISPs to put the customer back at the centre stage and provide services to them instead of overselling bandwidth and leaving customers to suffer the attendant poor service quality associated with such actions.

HiREST, he said has also opened two new offices in Abuja and Port Harcourt, stressing that the Abuja office is the company’s international office, while the Port Harcourt office will serve the East and Central Africa office.“Our customers are already enjoying better services as a result of this,” he noted.

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