Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bulgaria to host Telecom Europe-07

The latest member of the European Union (EU), Bulgaria is to host the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)-organised Telecom Europe next year.

The event slated for the last month of 2007, is said to bring about focus on Bulgaria’s efforts in mainstreaming into the telecommunications world.

A press statement from ITU, informed that the event promises to provide the leading showcase for the region’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry, scheduled to take place in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Executive Manager, ITU Telecom, Mr. Fernando Lagrana, said that with its thriving ICT sector, in addition to with the key strategic location, Bulgaria hopes to provide an ideal vantage point to observe trends unfolding across the region.

He explained that Bulgaria emerged the host following a competitive bidding process, due to a number of reasons including a very strong level of industry and government support at the national level.

Mr. Lagrana also said that the European region spans some of the world's most sophisticated ICT markets to newer, emerging markets, all of which offer great potential.

As said by him, in 2005 the European region had the world's highest degree of liberalization and competition
in the telecommunication sector.

“Together with a changing political climate aided by market growth and liberalization as well as the eastward expansion of the EU, a raft of new opportunities for trade and investment has opened in the South Eastern European region,” he noted.

Excited Chairman of the State Agency for Information Technology and Communications of the Republic of Bulgaria, Plamen Vatchkov, said the favourable conditions that the fast-developing modern capital Sofia will offer to the participants in the Forum and the exhibition will contribute to the success of ITU Telecom Europe.

"We believe that the active involvement of the leading local telecoms and ICT providers will be an additional asset to the success of the event along with full political support to this event of all Bulgarian government authorities, central as well as local," Vatchkov said.

With a major exhibition, showcasing the latest ICT innovations, plus a Forum focusing on the key issues, policies and technologies underpinning growth within Europe, and a whole lot more, the chairman said, ITU Telecom Europe will be the key ICT event for the region in 2007.

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