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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Loyalty Solutions introduces Opinion metre

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) firm, Loyalty Solutions Limited, has introduced a novel dimension to survey and feed back with the deployment of Opinion metre in strategic service companies in the country.

Opinion metre is a stand-alone Automated Interactive Survey device designed specially to collect anonymous customer satisfaction feed back at point-of-service.

Organisations currently having a feel of this new automated feedback solution include Globacom, Silverbird Galleria and Tantalisers.

Managing Director, Loyalty Solutions, Mr. Kolapo Ademola said that Opinion metre, as a business tool, helps to improve the speed of business intelligence gathering and processing.

“It also automates customer feed back process, business performance evaluation, ensures process integrity, reduces human error, while telling your customers that you care and really mean it,” he said.

He also said that prior to the coming of this electronic solution, “most service companies traditionally depended on the placement of suggestion box for customers’ complaints”.

Mr. Ademola, noted that suggestion box is a wooden box, which comes with lock and key and usually commissioned by companies that pay premium value on the thoughts and emotions of customers, stressing it is placed at the point of sales of a retail outlet.

“But the results collated from suggestion box are usually fraught with human errors,” he noted.

Loyalty Solutions, he said, has offered the Opinion metre product to many sectors of the economy, which range from card payment, oil and gas, telecoms and the quick service restaurants in order to help them rediscover themselves and improve adequately.Its deep knowledge of customer’s behaviour has helped it to turn data into ‘sword’, which these companies deploying Opinion metre use in creating specialized instruments to eliminate paper survey.

Opinion metre also offers the benefit of instant access to on-site survey data and automates customer feedback process, which he said, could completely eliminate human errors and reduces chances of manipulation.

“Its unlimited capability to customize questionnaires, each response with a time, date stamp for trend analysis and cheaper operational cost attract these companies and made Opinion metre a device of choice”, Mr. Ademola declared.

The device, he emphasised, is ideal for measuring and monitoring customer satisfaction, response to change in programmes as well as new product development, and testing, just as its portability makes the usage quite convenient, as it could be placed in service hall, banking hall, waiting room and lobby among others, for quick and easy access.

Mr. Ademola, whose firm partners Colloquy group in the country and Africa, said it continue to provide customer relationship management with distinction, pointing out that with Opinion metre, customers’ opinion would be taken seriously by the management of any company that deploys this product.

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Simon Rowland said...

The Opinionmeter is a great little battery powered device, made by OMI inc. In the UK this is distributed by Customer Research Technology Ltd, who provide customer feedback devices which give 'point of experience' research. More info at www.crtviewpoint.com, or simply Google 'Customer Research Technology'.