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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Omatek targets merging banks with suite offer

LEADING Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company, Omatek Computers Limited is targeting merging banks in the country with special suite of solutions.

Chief executive, Omatek Computers, Mrs. Florence Seriki, disclosed this and said that her firm came up with the offer to enable merging banks cut cost at this time of transformation of the industry.

Key on the suite is the firm’s Citrix, Plasma large screen and Dura laptops among others.

Mrs. Seriki, said, for instance that Citrix is a robust solution that would allow merged banks with different Information Technology (IT) solutions to integrate such solutions seamlessly without resorting to acquire a new software platform.

She recalled that following the financial regulator, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN’s) directive last year, all banks in the country would have re-capitalised to the tune of N25 billion before December 31, this year.

Majority of the banks in the industry, she noted have since re-capitalised through acquisition and consolidation bringing into their new organisation different software platforms that may be discarded to allow for smooth operations.

The Omatek boss pointed out that with Citrix, "banks need not do away with their huge investment in their various software solutions and they also need not create huge budget for training employees in a new software platform."

She explained that Citrix enables for integration of all existing solutions and offer a convergence window for banking processes to continue without hiccups.

According to her, banks procurement and maintenance of software solutions in the last few years was estimated at N4.8 billion, noting that consolidation could mean discarding these solutions without yet fully optimizing their value.

Citrix, she also said, permits banks to save the budget on new solutions and ease the expected problems in getting different merging banks to have their systems talk to each other.

"We believe banks could channel such savings into meeting their primary responsibility of funding enterprises in the manufacturing and other sectors to grow the economy," she declared, stressing that Omatek’s business is to facilitate banks to meet the challenges of allowing IT solutions to drive their operations effortlessly without having to invest all over again.

Mrs. Seriki, who recently was inducted into the Hall of Fame by the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) for Entrepreneurship and Promotion of ICT on the continent, said, by pushing its brain boxes and other hardware solutions to fully assist players in the emerging mega banking environment to meet their corporate targets.

Top on the suite is Omatek’s Dura book, a laptop acclaimed for its ruggedness and equated as ‘Hummer jeep’ in the computing business and is designed to be shock-resistant making it one of the world’s toughest notebooks, according to her.

Equipped with Intel Centrino processors, she said, Dura allows for fast multi-tasking to make job completion achievable at a very high speed.

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