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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Equinox accelerates computer literacy

Indigenous Information Technology (IT)company based in Aba, Abia State, has began a project to accelerate computer literacy among the citizenry of the state.

Tagged, ‘ICT-Impact’ the project, which is formerly called ICT-Balance, according to the chief executive of Equinox Mr. Mba Nwakanma, is a strategy to achieve a relatively rapid transformation of an under-producing economy into trade-in-services.
He said the project has the potential to compare with trade-in-goods-and-commodities is targeted essentially on youth empowerment.

Mr. Nwakanma also said the project seeks to develop a continuous pool of computer and IT-literate citizens in Aba, Abia State through schools and community.

“ICT-Impact is anchored on Equinox Technologies which is blazing the trail in accelerating computer proficiency training in primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions for students and teachers, small-scale business people and workers.

A pilot project, he said, would come under different platforms including LearnPlus, TeachPlus, G-2, WorkPlus, and Maxi-Tyme, and have gained immense popularity in Abia State.

According to him, students and teachers from participating schools in the state enroll in basic-to-high-end computer and IT training programmes tailored to their individual schedules.

These include, Computer Appreciation courses, Microsoft Word, Windows, Excel, Access, Data Management, Web Design, Auto CAD, PC-Support, A+, and certification courses for CISCO, Microsoft, and Oracle.

Mr. Nwakanma noted that as a youth empowerment and poverty
alleviation strategy, “the project targets youths at various levels in schools, their teachers, and interested members of the community desiring to improve themselves or their businesses via ICT”.

He also pointed out that for the secondary school students, the project has become an avenue to pursue a career in information technology and to undergraduates, ICT-Impact refocuses them to relevant skills that results in lucrative employment opportunity with reputable companies, such as the oil industries and multi-nationals.

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