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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Taxi driver's impression of WSIS-05

Arriving Tunis from Berlin-Germany early on Sunday morning could pass for one of those flight’s odd timing which affords visitors only a short sleep before the day fully breaks.
It became more interesting when you discover that even a taxi driver has his own impression of foreigners and indeed the world gathering in the soil of Tunis.
And as the second phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS-2005) gains momentum in the host country’s capital, Tunis, most Taxi drivers in the city are also looking forward to a booming business week.
Taxi drivers in Tunis are very vibrant especially if you really want to see the city in and out, although their charges are costly when considering the exchange rate of the country’s Dinar currency, which is almost at par with the United Sates Dollar.
Most taxi drivers’, who spoke to correspondent on WSIS, said they were excited about the summit and what it would bring for the citizens of Tunisia.
One of them, Mr. Sadoq Ahmed informed that he learnt about the summit through the promotions given it on the state-owned electronic media such as television and radio.
The man in his 50s, said that he expects good business during the week, especially from 16 to 18 of November, 2005.
According to him, he heard about the summit from a local TV station.
He also said that the report indicated that about 17,000 participants from various countries of the world would be in Tunis for the summit.
Mr. Sadoq went on to say that the Tunisian Capital, has constant electricity and SIM cards for mobile phones, for instance, are cheap as they cost five Dinars.
Wearing smiles throughout the trip from Avenue Ouled Haffour to La Marsa in Gammarth it was undoubtedly excited as the summit takes offs Wednesday, November 16.
Mr. Sadoq further said, he hopes that the outcome would be beneficial to common man like himself, a taxi driver.
Some taxis in the city are decorated with the symbol of the World Summit on the Information Society.

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