Monday, September 12, 2005

JuniSat commences Eutelsat conversion promo

STRONG emerging Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) Internet Service Provider (ISP), Juniper Limited, owners of JuniSat, has commenced a two-month campaign for its Eutelsat platform.

The firm said that for the next two months, the promo would focus on VSAT-based broadband Internet offer.

This, would enable internet users within the Linkstar programme of the company the opportunity to migrate to the more robust Eutelsat platform for the new W3A service.

The offer, which commenced on September 19, this year is focusing on customers that are presently on other networks outside Eutelsat, or those who have been disconnected for more than 30 days.

Managing Director of Juniper Solutions Limited, Mr. Gboyega Ojuri, while making the disclosure, said that this new JuniSat offer is meant to encourage some dissatisfied Internet consumers in the market especially those that has been using Linkstar, by making them to enjoy the robustness and reliability of the new W3A service.

“Also since we have removed any form of FAP (throttling) on the Office 1000, 2000 and 4 Mega Byte buster packages, this makes the service highly attractive to serious Business users” he stated.

According to him, this offer is in addition to the fact that the promotion comes standard with a zero conversion fee as well as a free one-month subscription.

He explained that the overall strengths of Eutelsat’s W3A service, is presently the most powerful satellite that offers a whole range of services, and more robust bandwidth scheme that is also cost effective.

“With the least package that we are offering, users could do more within the W3A platform includes voice, for a fraction of what they were paying elsewhere. In addition, the platform gives you more bandwidth and saves quite a lot of money” he asserted.

These offerings, he noted would also be fully backed by JuniSat’s legendary after-sales services and maintenance culture.

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