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Friday, September 30, 2016

Linda Ikeji to make unique appearance @Yudala Zero Gravity

Acclaimed Africa’s foremost blogger, Linda Ikeji would on Sunday, October 2, 2016 herald a unique appearance at the inaugural Yudala Zero Gravity, reports ITRealms.

Linda’s appearance, ITRealms gathered is one of the many surprises on queue for attendees of this inaugural edition, holding at the Landmark Event Centre by 3pm and featuring a host of superstar artistes and tonnes of side attractions.

ITRealms recollects that Yudala Zero Gravity is a multi-city digital entertainment concert powered by pioneer composite e-commerce outfit, Yudala in partnership with New Concept Media Group (NCMG), which embodies nationwide concerts as a contemporary music blast is anticipated to rant the auditorium.

Noteworthy is that Linda’s rise to stardom as a blogger-celebrity underscores a classic grass-to grace tale.

Linda, ITRealms reports was born and raised in a Catholic family from Nkwerre in Imo State, and began to express her hobby in writing at the age of 10. But determined to make it in life, she put herself out at the age of 17 at the same time she finished secondary school. At 18, she enrolled at the University of Lagos, where she studied English Language. To assist her family and support herself through school, she had part-time jobs as a waitress, model and writer. Ikeji graduated from the University in 2004.

By 2006, she started blogging as a hobby. At that time, the internet was not as pronounced in Nigeria and she had to make her posts at a cyber-cafe. And soon became an active blogger using a blogger sub-domain and later obtained her custom domain www.lindaikejisblog.com.

From there, she never looked back and her blog began to grow in views and popularity. In August 2012, Forbes Africa dedicated itself to celebrating African women in that month's issue. In that issue, Forbes profiled Africa's 20 Most Prominent Women and the issue featured profiles on two young Nigerian women: Linda Ikeji, as well as Chibundu Onuzo.

In 2014, Linda Ikeji was the biggest Google Search trend in Nigeria while the name Linda Ikeji was the most searched item by users of Google in Nigeria.

Yudala Zero Gravity is a three-city dual entertainment event which will feature a Contemporary Music Blast as well as a Rock Gospel Concert in Lagos, Abuja and Enugu.

Already, a number of superstar artistes have been confirmed for the Contemporary Music Blast concerts in Lagos, Abuja and Enugu. The list includes Olamide, Iyanya, Phyno, Zoro, Sound Sultan, Flavour, Humble Smith, Naeto C, Cynthia Morgan, David Grey, Ali Baba, Akpororo and many more. Also, a number of premium corporate organizations such as Access Bank, Airtel, Stanbic Bank, HP, Lenovo, InnJoo Mobile, Uber and a host of media organizations including MTV Base, Trace TV, Urban FM, Classic FM, among others are on board as partners.

Yudala Zero Gravity will witness pure acoustics and live performances from the best Nigerian artistes in both genres of music, many of whom will use the platform to launch new tracks. It is a platform to see and hear it first.

Uj. N. Dominic/GEE 
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Yudala Zero Gravity show: ITRealms dangles free tickets on ardent readers

Some two free tickets are now up for grabs for the readers of ITRealms who will correctly attempt the questions associated with the contemporary concert being put together by the Yudala management  known as Yudala Zero Gravity, which would on Sunday, October 2, 2016 kick off in Lagos.

Recall that ITRealms is partnering Yudala Zero Gravity as its publishers, DigitalSENSE Africa Media group said at the weekend they are offering some free tickets to some ardent readers and visitors to its award-winning ITRealms.

Although the event holding on Sunday, October 2, 2016 has been slated for Lagos at the Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island.

According to the Editor-in-chief, ITRealms, Mr. Remmy Nweke, interested participants should answer two  questions below correctly.

These, he said, include "What year was ITRealms created" and Which year was ITRealms first international prize?

He explained that answers should be sent on or before 1pm Saturday, October 1, 2016 by Tweeting at @ITRealms or via Short Messaging Service (SMS) to 0817200428, with full name and must be Lagos resident.

Acceptance closes 1pm, he said.

Winners would have the rare opportunity of joining other teeming and excited Nigerians to be entertained by the likes of Phyno, Flavour, Olamide, Iyanya, Sound Sultan, Humble Smith, Naeto C, Cynthia Morgan, David Grey, Akpororo and grandmaster of Nigerian comedy, Ali Baba to name a few.

Already, a number of superstar artistes have been confirmed for the Contemporary Music Blast concerts in Lagos, Abuja and Enugu. 

Also, a number of premium corporate organizations such as Access Bank, Airtel, Stanbic Bank, HP, Lenovo, InnJoo Mobile, Uber and a host of media organizations including MTV Base, ITRealms, News Express, The Political Economist, Trace TV, Urban FM, Classic FM, among others are on board as partners. 

Yudala Zero Gravity is a three-city dual entertainment event which will feature a Contemporary Music Blast as well as a Rock Gospel Concert in Lagos, Abuja and Enugu.

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Pantami assumes office @NITDA, visits Adebayo Shittu

The newly appointed Director-General of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, has visited the Minister of Communications, Barrister Abdur-Raheem Adebayo Shittu, within 48 hours of his assumption of duty at the Federal Secretariat, Abuja, reports ITRealms.

Pantami, accompanied by Malam Nafiu Baba-Ahmed and Alhaji Shehu B. Umar during the visit to Shittu, ITRealms recalls  was appointed following the suspension of the former DG, Mr. Peter Jack on January 20, 2016, and appointment of one of the directors in the agency, Dr. Vincent Olatunji as the acting DG pending the appointment of a substantive DG; thus leading to the Federal Governments appointment of some 13 chief executive officers of Ministries, Departments and Agencies including Dr. Pantami on Monday, September 26, 2016.

Dr. Pantami, who is an Associate Professor of Computer Information System at the Islamic University of Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia before his appointment, is the first Nigerian ever to teach in the university of more than 63 years of existence.

He was born and grew up in Gombe State, Nigeria where he obtained his basic education. He completed his first degree in Computer Science in 2002 at Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi (ATBA), Master of Science (MSC), Computer Science 2008, Master of Business Admin (MBA) Technology in 2010 from the same university and he obtained his PhD in the United Kingdom.

He was a lecturer at ATBU, Bauchi, for more than a decade before joining Islamic University Madina as Assistant Professor in Computing Systems & Information Technology. He has authored many books on ICT, STEM, Technology, Politics & Community Reconciliation & Religion.

Doris Minimah in Abuja/GEE
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Pix: Shittu and Pantami during the visit.

Nigeria @56: Our Lies Against Independence Leaders

Reading commentaries on Independence Day amuses me a lot especially considering our deliberate lies on our reverred independence leaders. We painted a rosy pictures of founding fathers  who painstakingly laboured and delivered a united peaceful and harmonious federation.

In 1960,leaders joyously received mantle of leadership without intrigues, infighting and justice delivered. In fact ethnic politics ,corruption,skewed federalism,controversial census and all sorts of ills now pervasive today were non-existent.

So from 1960 to 1966,a perfect federation was in operation where all Nigerians acted as one and under which a vibrant young nation was demonstrating best examples to the rest of  Africa. Leaders at independence ate, slept and adored a united federation with shared common destiny.

That was the utopia we perpetuated even in the face of denial by history,lying to our children and demonizing the successor generation.A nation that fails to dilligently study  histroy or accords history prime place cannot but be plunge into an ocean of ignorance,deciet and falsehood even about basic facts of her evolution. Even in  2016,we still continue our lies and misrepresentation of our independence leaders.

Our leaders at independence were great patriots ,well grounded within their  respective skills and capacities . They were political war leaders who had to fight from ethnic turfs and who struggled on all fronts to give realities to their people's driven agenda. Men of timber and deliver they were,their greatness cannot be disputed as they were frontline players in the making of Nigeria no matter how imperfect it was.

Late sage, Obafemi Awolowo,the erudite scholar-politician of immeasurable intellect and contributions to national and regional politics. The Great Zik of Africa,Dr Nnmdi Azikwe,a flamboyant cross border politician,an astute nationalist and a great leader for a controversial, expansive united Nigeria without ethnic map. Sir Abubabakar Tafawa Balewa,a perfect English gentleman as described by some British leaders and a clean incorruptible independence prime minister. Former premier of old Northern region,Sir Ahmadu Bello,Sardauna Sokoto, an undiluted devotee to the greatness and well being of his people,a traditional ruler ,an Islamic scholar and a greatly loved leader of his people.

As 1959 approached then,how did these leaders acted? What was the pre-independence electoral campaigns  like ? The records are well preserved in our libraries-it was bitter political war and battles that laid a negatively strong ground for many ills that still dogged the nation till date.The 1959 election was fought by political generals who appeared to be representing separate countries.

And yes ,by 1959 ,Nigeria was still a paper nomenclature comprising of three countries namely North,west and eastern regions. Fact was that from 1914 to 1959 ,the so called united Nigeria was never united.

1959 to 1960 was the time the new nation was to be delivered in reality . That independence election was to lay the foundation for the birth of the new baby.Unfortunately, the conception was fraught with still birth even though the British induced the birth of a defective baby whose jaundice has refused to heal since.

Why are commentators repeatedly lying about events precedding our independence in 1960?Why are we not coming clean of the bitterness of post -1959 election which manifested openly even on the day of independence ? Why are we lying that the nation was truly united as at the time the British lowered the union Jack flag?

Our erudite scholars have documented the realities of what was handed over to indepedence leaders ,a fractured nation with deep level of distrust among leaders .Nigeria was borne out of intrigues and back stabbing among leaders ,leading to an incohesive leadership and consequent implosions six years later.Ours was a nation deliberately modelled by the British to be incohesive,conflicting and divisive through connivance with some local leaders.

At independence, the Igbos aligned with the North,leaving the West in the opposition.The North ruling under the party called  Northern Peoples Congress later supported the implosion of the opposition Action Group, generating so much heat from 1964 to 1965.Igbos disengaged from the alliance to later embraced another alliance with the Yorubas under United Grand Alliance (UPGA) while the North alligned with breakaway factions from East and West to form the New Nigeria Alliance.The bitter fact is at independence Nigeria was as fractured as it is today.

From 1960 to 1966,it was a tale of bitterness ,political corruption,selfish deployment of state power ,minority oppression,political persecutions ,intolerance of opposition,corruption among leaders among others.The  foundation built on intrigues and ethnic permutations only gave rise to a nation reeling from ethnic politics,imperfect federalism ,stunted growth and retrogressive genotype. Is that why we dont want history in our school curriculum?
Many scholars have equally documented evidence that proved that the pre-and post- independence embeded ills in national and regional structures watered and prepared the ground for the unfortunate first coup,counter coup and the three years civil war of 1967 to 1970.Where is the utopia of an Eldorado First Republic that we so annually eulogise?

There are surviving actors of the independence era and the troubled first republic across the states.Those surviving elders know the fact;they know the faulty foundations they helped foisted or they were forced to foistered on the new nation which may not solely be their fault. We need to come clean and accept that 56 years after ,we are still unable to correct first, the errors  of 1914 and more seriously heal the injuries of 1959-60s.

Ler me assert that Nigeria's continued survival despite her "down syndrome" is due to just one major bloc of power brokers -the military political elite . When  independence leaders failed to heal the political tuberculosis of 59s-60s,the tumbling from first to second coups to the civil war produced a strange national dynamics in leadeship evolution.A new set of leaders acting like a brotherhood surfaced.

From 1975 to date ,the military elite successfully subjugated the remnants of  independence political elite,creating a new league of leaders still ruling till date . Records showed that all those military  leaders of the civil war and specifically those who masterminded directly or indirectly the 1975 coup are still subsisting leaders of Nigeria till date. If they did not occupy office ,their cronies play the proxy game.

So the big question -if independence elite had issues as to the entity created by them or  bequethed on them,has the military elite fair better? That is contentious and a discourse for another day.

But for now,let come clean with our histroy -there was never a time we have gotten it right as a nation.

*Olawale Rasheed ,a policy analyst and CEO of Sahel Media Group.
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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Okeremi, Atanda lead speakers @TEDxIkeja 2016

The Chief executive officer (CEO) of Precise Financial Systems, Mr. Yele Okeremi and Executive Director of Systemspecs, Mr. Deremi Atanda alongside CEO, Verdant Zeal, Tunji Olugbodi would on October 8 lead speakers to this year’s TEDxIkeja, reports ITRealms.  

TEDxIkeja, ITRealms gathered that the event holding this year at David's Court, Mojidi, Off Toyin street, Ikeja, regularly features notable people in the society who offer innovation, enterprise and optimism as antidotes to solve native challenges, according to Ademola Adeshola, the curator of TEDxIkeja.

“Based on this, the theme of this year’s TEDxIkeja conference is “Going Africa” Adeshola said.
He also said that Okeremi would speak on “Asset of knowledge to an Economy, Atanda would speak on the “Fallacy of the Competitiveness of the State while Olugbodi would talk on the Alphabets of Charm.
TED is a New-York licensed conference designed to tell stimulating yet, native stories and showcase unusual ideas to inspire people to change their lives, communities, and world.
Expatiating on the rationale behind the theme, Adeshola said that through many touch points, Africa has been portrayed as crude. “However, Africa is rising and the time has come for us to draw attention to a promising Africa. That is why we are Going Africa @TEDxIkeja 2016”.
He added that the rising of Africa is quite promising. “It is an awakening to the possibility that currently exist in Africa, and this will be very instrumental to inspire emerging Africans globally towards making significant impact, while contributing to the rise of our various communities”, he said.
According to him, other speakers expected at the 2016 TEDxIkeja include the comedian, Kenny Blaq, e-payment guru, Marc Zander, Goje Africa TV stars, Isaac & Nnena Moses, and Dr. Kolapo Oyebola whose research focused on malaria population genomics. 
Chuks Egbune/GEE
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Oronsaye: Prosecution, defense counsels disagree on admissible documents

The resumed hearing of the on-going trial of Nigeria’s former Head of Service, Mr. Stephen Oronsaye before Justice Olasumbo Goodluck of the Federal Capital Territory High Court, Abuja, Wednesday, witnessed another setback as counsels to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the defendant had a heated argument over the admissibility of documents presented by the Commission, reports ITRealms.

Leading a witness, Bello Hammadhama in evidence, Prosecution Counsel, I.O. Uket had tendered four statements allegedly made by the accused while in EFCC custody, urging the Court to admit them in evidence.

Relying on section 52 of the Evidence Act, he argued that the leader of the EFCC investigating team, who had earlier appeared in Court as Prosecution Witness (1) administered the word of caution on the defendant before extracting the statements from him.

“It is in evidence that the statements sought to be tendered were made by the defendant himself. The four statements were made on: 25/8/2015; 27/8/2015; 3/9/2015 and 29/2/2016. The defendant signed these statements as the maker, while PW 1 signed clearly as a witness. ”

Objecting to the admissibility of the documents, leader of the defence team, A.I. Ola (SAN) urged the Court to reject the document, adding that Prosecution Witness (6) was not the proper person to present same to the Court. He cited section 83, sub-sections 1, 2 and 4 of the Evidence Act, among other authorities, in support of his argument. 

“The defendant is prejudiced. PW 6 cannot be giving witness for PW 1. The Statement was recorded by the PW 1. She has been before this Court to testify. The opportunity was there for her to tender the documents. The defence counsel did not cross-examine her on this document because it was not tendered. Now, the prosecution is trying to present it through the back door. Prosecution deliberately denied us the opportunity of cross-examining the PW 1. I urge your lordship to reject the document.”

In her ruling, the presiding Judge, O.O. Goodluck held that: “the documents sought to be tendered are statements of the defendant while in custody. This Court has exhaustively looked at the arguments from both the defence and prosecution counsels and is of the opinion that the documents could be admitted. However, caution must be applied in attaching value to its contents.”

The case was adjourned to 29th September, 2016 for continuation of hearing and cross-examination of the PW 6 by the defence Counsel.
Destiny Ugorji/GEE

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Obasanjo turns economist, endorses Adeosun economic agenda

The former President Olusegun Obasanjo has turned an economist with his endorsement of Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun despite increasing recession bites and clamour for her removal from the Minister, reports ITRealms.

Speaking Tuesday at the ongoing National Council on Finance and Economic Development (NACOFED) in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Obasanjo expressed optimism that things will soon be better in the country, and said that Mrs. Adeosun is steering the economy at a difficult period, saying time will soon prove her right.

"I want to specially acknowledge the efforts of the Minister of Finance not because she is an Ogun State citizen, but because she is doing a marvellous job in a difficult environment. You are too close to what is happening now to be proved right, but time will soon prove you right," he declared

Also speaking, the Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun reiterated the resolve of the present administration to use the opportunity created by the current economic challenges to put the economy right structurally once and for all in setting this nation back on the right path.

Giving the keynote address at the event opening said "Underperformance can no longer be tolerated as the oil revenues that insulated us from the impacts of this consistent underperformance are no longer available."

The current administration, she said, has set out a robust plan to reposition our economy to ensure that what we are experiencing today will never recur in the history of our nation.

She disclosed that the Federal Government realises the fact that Nigeria’s size, national endowments, population and future needs demand that this economy perform at its optimal potential which it has yet to do in its 55 plus years of independence.

Adeosun explained that the drive for the economic turnaround is being led by the effective management of public money which will act as a magnet for the mobilisation of private capital.

"We have committed to changing Nigeria from an economic model that was driven by consumption to one that is driven by investment. We recognize that in the short term this is causing a dislocation as we redirect funds from recurrent day to day expenditure to the much needed capital investment that will drive our economic future. Nigeria’s vast economy can only be productive and profitable when it has the enabling infrastructure needed to unlock its much vaunted potential. Our economic plans will provide the link between our potential and our future," the Minister said.

Ayo Omidele/GEE
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Pix: Obasanjo speaking

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