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Saturday, November 19, 2022

Fondant guru, Abimbola advises startups to develop healthy competition - ITREALMS

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Fondant guru and Chief Executive Officer of BbRoyale Confectionery, Lagos, Abimbola Babalola, told ITREALMS' GBEMI OMOTOSO that baking industry begets lots of talents and full of creativity, advising startup to develop healthy competition.


Fondant guru and Chief Executive Officer of BbRoyale Confectionery, Lagos, Abimbola Babalola

What prompts you into the cake industry?

My passion and love for edibles 'no be from here.'

Has your choice paid off?

Smiles... partially yes! Because, I have been able to share the edibles love to my loved ones and they have really enjoyed it.

How has it been since you venture into cake industry as an entrepreneur? 

It hasn't been an easy journey, but God has made all things possible for me.

What is your signature in the industry?

I'm a buttercream and fondant guru.

How did you coin your brand name?

Smiles.... it's the combination of the first two letters of my name and surname which has been my nickname since university years. While 'Royale' is based on my uniqueness as a queen.

Your educational background?

I graduated from Joseph Ayo Babalola University in 2012 with BSc Entrepreneurship. 

What other skills or professional opportunities can make you leave cake industry?

Hhmmm... computer technology or event decorations.

How would you describe the baking industry?

Waoh! it's such a great one with lots of talents and full of creativity.

How do cope with difficult customers? 

I always try to be calm and patient with them, no matter the situations.

Any challenge(s)in the industry and how did you overcome it? 

There is a lot but whenever I find it difficult. I call for help from my bosses

Your memorable day in the industry? 

Smiles... There are two significant dates that I cannot forget which made me happier as a baker; July 31st and September 17th. I delivered beautiful well-designed cakes with a great taste that makes the guest asking for more cut out cakes, also my clients were glad as well.

I was able to work with their budget, baked a topnotch fruit cake and also gave them beautiful design as selected. 

Cake product of BbRoyale Confectionery, Lagos.

Any embarrassing moments in the industry? 

The most embarrassing day was when a dispatch rider collected a cake intact from me but on getting to my client the cake was upside down, I have to ask the dispatch rider to bring it back then I fixed it (same designs) while I delivered the cake myself. However, I was glad to salvage the situation and still retained my client's confidence.

What measures do you employ to forestall cake accident?

Lesson learnt! These days, I hardly use dispatch rider for cake delivery except fondant designs (birthday cakes, well-packed) which doesn't dent easily. Mostly, I deliver the cakes or use Uber while I carefully placed the cake on the car floor, well positioned or the clients pick up at my cake studio.

How do you convince your clients to agree with current change in cake?

It has not been easy to agree with the new price, customers complain whenever the price is displayed, but I try to ask for their budget and work with what their price worth, which I let them know. 

How do you manage stress when handling back-to-back orders?

It's not easy but I have supporting family that helps out and also encourages me. Equally, I've got a good and understanding team.

With the recent rise in baking materials, how has it been?

This is a big question. It's not easy, not easy at all, just that the government is not being sensitive to the plights of bakers; the more the complaints, the astronomical price is frustrating.

Sometimes, I wanted to quit but I called myself to order "do you want to forgo your passion like that" then the strengths just pop up to keep me going. I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel.

What is your daily schedule?

Work, practice and study.

How do you unwind? 

Listening to music and dancing.

Your hobbies? 

I love cooking, baking, playing games and hanging out. 

Your personal likes and dislikes?

I like honesty and learning new things by explore, while I dislike dishonesty.

How do you see yourself from others?

I'm calm, gentle, friendly and shy but when among my people, I'm totally free.

What is your view about mentors that treats their mentee as second fiddle?

I don't have any view because I never had experience on that.

Having been in the industry for a while how would you access the cake industry?

Nigeria cake industry is equivalent to international recognition in creativity aspects.

Your advice to newcomers in cake industry?

They should try to be focus and not allow competitions weigh them. Develop a healthy competition with fellow cake personality.

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