" ITREALMS: Cream queen, Esther Omouwho of Komich Kreamy Cakes says 'my business is built around social media' - ITREALMS

Saturday, November 05, 2022

Cream queen, Esther Omouwho of Komich Kreamy Cakes says 'my business is built around social media' - ITREALMS

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Cream queen and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lagos-based Komich Kreamy Cakes, Esther Omouwho told ITREALMS' GBEMI OMOTOSO says her business is built around social media, emphasising that more industry collaboration is needed.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lagos-based Komich Kreamy Cakes, Esther Omouwho
What is your signature in the cake industry?
I am a whipped cream queen because it's faster and easier to work with, however I used all other frostings (Fondant, buttercream) perfectly too.

How did you coin your brandname Komich?
I got that through my daughters' names "Kome Michelle" that's the 1st 2 letters and the 2nd 4 letters.

How did you get into the baking industry?
After I graduated from University of Benin with a degree in Computer Engineering without a job.
Then, I decided to go into baking which was my passion in 2012. I enrolled for a beginner's class at Mix and Bake in 2013 and started baking professionally.

At what age did you discover your passion as a baker?
While I was still very young, I baked cakes with improvised oven (pots and sand) at home. My parents and siblings loved it as it tasted good; it was sweet nit because it was perfect. So, I followed that passion till I was an adult.

How has it been since you acted on your passion as a professional baker?
It's been very fulfilling, and I have grown to love baking more.

Is there any way your knowledge as a Computer Engineer been helpful in your baking skills?
Smiles ...Yes being an engineer means precision, working with measurements also. These skills I have implement into cake making and it made my cakes stand out.

Any challenges and how did you overcome it?
Yes, there have been challenges of power supply, quality of materials and presently high cost of getting materials. However, I tried as much as I cannot to reduce the standard of our cakes taste, so we retained our quality and improved them. On power supply issues, we tried to work with the supply when it's constant but complement it with the generators as well.

What keeps going on in the industry despite hike in baking ingredients?
My passion.

Your personal likes and dislikes?
Neatness, and hates lies.

Your hobbies?
Movies, singing and reading.

Your memorable day?
Smiles... the day I held my daughter in my arms.

How do you handle difficult customer?
By being patient with them. Most times it's a struggle but I try to remain calm and handle what they need carefully and intellectually.

How do you cope with family members when they make cake request?
They know they have to pay. We don't debate it.

Have you developed any special recipe, how is it and the feedback?
Most of my recipes are developed from bought recipes or online recipes. I bake them and tweak them to what I want which is best for me.

Any challenge in the cake industry?
Hhmmm ... .there's reduction in the quality of Cake ingredients which is a major challenge.
Some 'brands' when you bake with them today the outcome is perfect however when you go back to buy same brands it feels like you didn't get the right and same ingredients thereby affecting the quality or outcome of the cake.

What are your views about mentoring?
Waoh...It's a very good process. Mentors help keep their mentees in check to be sure they are doing it right.

Any adverse effects of social media on your business?
Social media is where my business is built because that's where the market is. I get to make cakes for people online whom I have never seen with lots of referrals as well.

What do you do in situations where customers are dissastified with their speciality cake order?
We hardly have such situations but few times when they arise;we compensate them by giving a discount on their next orders. Or we give them a free small sized-cake.

How do you manage your time while working back-to-back?
I make sure we prepare all our orders on time, then we bake ahead depending on the designs we are trying to achieve this makes the workings easier.

What goes into producing a great cake?
First, you must have a good recipe.then use fresh and up to date (not expired) cake ingredients.
Finally make sure your finishings is neat and captivating..

Your daily routine?
I'm an early person. And as a home baker I starts working as early as possible; I should be done before noon depending on the loads of work available.

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?
Smiles.... I eats healthy diets; drinks lots of water and take fruits in good proportions.
Then, I exercises when I can, at least, 30mins thrice weekly.

Your favourite colour?
I love blue and purple.

Your best foods?
I like rice and fried plantain (dodo).

Are you a casual or powerful dresser?
I'm a casual dresser; I feel comfortable with any good outfits.

What is your view about multiple streams of income?
It's very important, try as much as you can to do various legit business to get income
You can add cake related things or what you studied in school.

If given opportunity to make a change in the cake industry, what would it be?
Presently the Nigerian cake industry is doing very well so I wouldn't have anything to change.
We could just do better by collaborating more.

Product of Komich Kreamy Cakes, Lagos.
Your advice to newcomers in cake industry?
Keep your eyes fixed on your goal,do not be distracted with what happens on social media.
However, create a niche for yourself and make sure you build upon it.
Lastly. Make sure the passion is there. This is what will keep you going during difficult times because they must surely come.

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