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Saturday, October 22, 2022

Ablegenius boss, Ebuka Agu, harps on sugarcraft art, insists being grand in what you do begets results - ITREALMS

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Sugarcraft prince based in Lagos, Ebuka Agu Godwin of Ablegenius Craft 'n' Events, says it requires skills and patience, learning, unlearning and relearning in sugar art. He spoke to ITREALMS' GBEMI OMOTOSO recently.
Sugarcraft artist, Ebuka Agu Godwin of Ablegenius Craft 'n' Events
What inspires you into crafting in cake design?
The love for craft has always been my childhood skill, as an artist while growing up, however, coming into the cake industry was just a plus.
How did you coin your brand name 'Able genius?'
'Able' from my Igbo name "Ebuka" which is pronounced as (Abuka) in this part of Nigeria, then 'genius' from 'Godwin'. Moreover, I'm quite good in my chosen field, so the name deemed fit.

Do you also bake or just sugarcraft molding?

Kindly give us more information on the event aspects?
Not into that for now, but would venture into it soon, as I'm on the verge of creating a team of workforce and a working system. This is to allow me venture into events without stress.

What got you attracted to event?
Yes, it's all about arts; creating a memorable designs and edifices for events and the astonishing beautiful outcomes.

How did you carve a niche for yourself in the cake industry?
I'm still creating my niche though I'm not where I used to be likewise not where I want to be.
Although, I started off freelancing.

How was it started?
Waoh! I started off at DivaCakes & Confectionery, where I worked and learned for four (4) years.
Thereafter, I moved on to two different companies and finally with Fatima Dangote at her Cake studio in Ikoyi (Cupcakefactory, Lagos).

How many years have you been in the industry?
I worked and learned for eight (8) years while my company it's just four (4) year's; that's a total of twelve (12) years.

You learn and worked for eight years before becoming your own boss, why? Nowadays, some interns would want to learn magic within a few months?
Smiles....To be good on one's craft, you need to understudy the craft very well and it takes years to master the act. Having in mind, and knowing where I am heading to, I knew for me to get there, I need to study thoroughly.
However, for the interns, I feel we just have bunch of impatient upcomers; always desired to be like you, but not willing to pay the dues which in-turn results to half-breed bakers who learn on the go.
Not that learning on the go is bad as we all learn every day, but it has its cons and pros.

Your memorable day?
Every day is memorable, being well and alive is memorable. Also, for the little things of life that matters.

Any embarrassing moment in the industry?
A day a huge-wedding cake collapsed on the eve of the wedding.
We had to call in other cake-decorators from other branch to assist as we thought that we had time, only for the client to call that the wedding was on Friday while we anticipated "Saturday" on our list.
However, we got there late though, we could see the facial disappointed expression everywhere, but we pulled through. I'm sure my boss then would have sorted them out her own way.

Any special cake recipe developed by you and how was it?
Sure, so many actually. I tell people, caking is 70% science. Once you understand the functions of each dry and wet ingredients and how to apply them...you are good to go.

How did you relax?
Quality sleep and good food as good health is key. I study, I cycle, I'm a fitness enthusiast (gym), I love to drive as well.

Your daily routine?
I'm quite predictable except when I have impromptu orders. It's just simply ... Prayer, study, work rest.

Every baker wishes to associate with 

A product of Ablegenius Craft 'n' Events
Ablegenius? How did you get the recognition and prominence?
Every baker wants to associate with me! Hhmmm! not sure about that! Although,for security reasons, I keep my circle of close friends quite very small. However, about recognition, yea! my team was the first runner-up at Cavoscraft Exhibition in 2018. Also, my team won the dewdrops uncut-learning in 2019 as well.

Your hobbies?
Cycling, gym and driving.

Having a verse knowledge in cakes and pastries with your artistic touch, which is more tedious?
Smiles...Sugar craft is obviously more tedious, and also not pocket friendly.

What inspires you while working?
I love clean environment, cool workspace and clean jobs. I also love tasking and breath-taking jobs.

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Your personal likes and dislikes?
Honesty, oneness and cleanliness. While I dislike gossips and bad bloods.

Your favourite food?
Anything good ... I love good food combinations.

Your views about mentors and mentee?
Everyone needs one, either with work circle or out, which is very important.

How can sugarcrafts be encouraged in cake designs as most bakers are now used to printing characters?
It can't really be encouraged as it has its own financial down-turn for those who wants to order. You find printing easier and more stress-free. Also, judging from the current economic situation, printing is obviously pocket-friendly than sugarcraft molding.
Some would say, at the end you get to throw away the printed characters likewise the sugarcraft but those who are keen on getting the real sugarart-craft would still get to order.
Also, let's not forget that not everyone is an artist because making those craft requires skills and patience,
In other words, not all clients have the financial capability to pay for sugar craft. So, for me, it can't really be encouraged due to some factors stated and more. It's solely based on one's preference and financial capacity. Don't forget that caking itself is capital-intensive.

Your candid advice to newcomers in cake industry?
Omooh, what's the rush!! Calm down and learn, unlearn and relearn; be loyal because I was once there.

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