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Thursday, October 27, 2022

SHELT extends cyber security operations centre to Nigeria - ITREALMS

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SHELT has extended its own security operations centre (SOC) into Nigeria, reports 
This, ITREALMS gathered will serve as a local extension to its overseas and already established 24/7 SOC operation.
This launch comes amidst the growing need of SHELT’s Nigeria branch to step into serving the local clientele through a team that is locally present and becoming closer to our customers.

The SOC extension will serve to raise the cybersecurity readiness of the clients through implementing cutting-edge technology to monitor cyber-attacks and address possible cybersecurity threats in real time and on a local platform.

On his visit to Nigeria to be present at the launch, SHELT’s Managing Director, Youssef Abillama commented saying: “It gives me so much pleasure to be here for this wonderful occasion and I know our SOC will play a pivotal role in the cyber security readiness of our clients to assist them in safeguarding their systems and increasing their resilience from a locally available support system.”

SHELT’s Nigeria Business Development Manager, Walid Bou Abssi, said: “The risks of cyberattacks are always on the increase in Nigeria and I am so proud we are part of the solution where we can monitor cybersecurity threats and respond in real time to address and resolve any possible threats that may target our clients.”

For Mr. Abillama “I would like to recognise our team members who led the project and completed it so successfully and I am glad that we are also contributing to the job market in Nigeria in the field of cybersecurity.”

SHELT GLOBAL LIMITED is a technologically advanced European based Managed Security Service provider (MSSP), offering a versatile range of cybersecurity services to and through leading institutions in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

SHELT GLOBAL LIMITED has been nominated for 2020 and 2021 by Enterprise Security Magazine as one the top 10 Managed Security Service Providers in Europe.


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