" ITREALMS: Omoya of DTeez Cakes: Nigerian bakers top-notch in evolving cake-world with unique difference - ITREALMS

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Omoya of DTeez Cakes: Nigerian bakers top-notch in evolving cake-world with unique difference - ITREALMS

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Chief Chef at DTeezCakes 'in' Events, Omoya Oluwatoyin Patience, spoke to ITREALMS' GBEMI OMOTOSO, says her signature is uniquely being herself and competing with no one, even as Nigerian bakers are top-notch in the evolving cake-world with a unique difference.
Chief Chef at DTeezCakes 'in' Events, Omoya Oluwatoyin Patience
How did you coin your brand name?
My name, hubby’s name & kids name all start with 'T'

Your education backgrounds?
I was born in the 80’s, a native of Okitipupa, Ondo State. I have a National Diploma (ND) in Mass Communication from Lagos State Polytechnic. B.Sc in view English Arts from National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) Lagos Annex.

What led you into the cake industry?
Waoh....my baking journey actually started from secondary school, I could remember vividly that it was only Food and Nutrition subjects only that I pass with distinction in my first WAEC.

Also, my mom was a cook. So, I used to follow her for all cooking jobs. I felt in love with cooking from home but went into it fully professionally nine years ago, with a beginner’s class in cake making from Bake 'n' Frost in Ikorodu.

Then, later I got equipped with more knowledge from other big bosses in the industry; the likes of Chef Kola of Bakewell studio, Bidemi Bidokwu of Cakes etAl, Adebola Abbas of His Ideas Cakes, Cake Expression, Kema Abuede of Conspicuous Cakes among others.

So, you are not only in the cake industry but a certified chef as well?
Smiles....Yes ooo! I'm also a full-time caterer with vast experience in continental and intercontinental dishes.

As a mass communicator with a vast opportunity in the media, how did you get into cake industry?
Funny enough it actually started when I lost my second baby which made me to quit my job; then stay at home to heal from the trauma. However, I saw that period as an opportunity to pursue my passion.

How has the journey been?
It's been awesome! Though the journey has not been easy, sometimes we smile with client's satisfaction, then we go to the drawing board to make sure we are doing it the right way.

What makes you distinct from other bakers? (Signature)
The uniqueness is being me, not competing with anyone but doing my best and trying to impact lives positively.

Should I say that your trainings from the top Cake guru made you the buttercream queen or ...?
I love both fondant and buttercream.

How would you describe yourself as a baker, a wife and a mother?
As a baker I don’t joke with my work, well-schedule for easier perfection once my hubby leaves home in the morning as lover; I take my job as a priority.
As a wife I try to balance it. I make sure I discharge my duty as a loving wife not interfering with my job. However, as a good and caring mother I spend my weekend with my kids and I schedule my time every day to make sure I attend to them because my family is utmost. Balancing the three aspects is not easy but God has been faithful.

Having been in the industry for a while, what's your general assessment?
The industry is getting bigger, better and more creativity is being input every day. Nigerian bakers are top-notch in the evolving Cake-world with a unique difference.
However,to remain relevant in the industry one needs to keep learning more and giving every job that comes your way the very best.

What is your best tool as a baker?
My small pallet knife.

How do you take time to relax or rest?
I don’t joke with my sleeping time. I relax with sleep which makes me get back on my feet.

What inspires you when working?
I love listening to music while working and I don’t joke with coke-my energizer!

Have you ever developed a cake recipe? How did you do it and what feedback did you get?
Yes, I've developed a recipe while the feedback was great.

How do you manage stress when handling back-to-back orders?
I assign job to my workers and look for a place to sleep to regain my balance.

What keeps you motivated in the cake industry?
My passion likewise the way the industry is evolving.

Any area in which the cake industry needs more improvement?
Yes, in the area of setting standards. As most of the upcoming bakers are not placing value on the work they just see it as a way of generating income thereby reducing the standard of the job in terms of pricing.

How do you handle difficult customer if any?
That's a very big question. Whenever, I encounter a very difficult client all I just do is to keep mute while they complained. Then, I tried as much as possible to conform to their demands in order to maintain peace.

What goes into producing a great cake?
Good ingredients yield a good result of cake, good butter, not reducing the sugar, using the right quantity of every ingredient and not adding additives to the butter.

What does it entail to be a good chef from your perspective?
First, is knowing how to handle your clients, then understand the client's request and being able to deliver efficiently.

Your hobbies?
Cooking, dancing, singing watching movies at my leisure time with my family.
I love teaching to impact lives.

Your likes and dislikes?
I like honesty. I hate it when people pretend and backbite. I dislike lies.

Your views on mentorship?
It's a very good thing. I have many mentors that set me on the right part when I seems off-track.

What is the most difficult part of creating a cake design?
Is the decorating part.

Your advice to upcoming bakers?
Keep doing your things, learn new things to step-up your game and the sky would be your starting point.

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